How to make Hibiscus Tea | Drink for weight loss | Easy to make Hibiscus Drink

By | December 16, 2018

How to make Hibiscus tea | Hibiscus tea or drink is now popular among many people who did not know it before and it has got numerous advantages like; may help in weight loss, has antioxidants for the body, may help to lower blood pressure, it lowers fat levels, helps in fighting bacteria, easy to make. However there are some side effects though not common and may be slight. It can lead to nausea, headache, shakiness, lowers blood sugar levels especially if one is diabetic, increased gas and stomach upsets. Hoe to make it. Get the dry leaves and put in a cup or any other container and pour in boiled water and leave to settle for a few minutes. That’s hibiscus tea, or you can put the dry leaves or fresh leaves in saucepan and add water and boil. Wait for it to cool and drain it and keep in fridge. You may add sugar or any other fruit juice to suit your taste. These are some of the types of hibiscus; roselle, halberd leaf rose mallow, common hibiscus and kenaf. This drink is so common in countries like Ghana and Nigeria in west Africa. It is also a common drink in other countries like Jamaica, United States. Uganda, Australia, etc… In Nigeria and Ghana it is given names like Sobolo and Zobo drinks.

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