How to make Egg omelette in tomato and onion | Easy to make | Home cooking.

By | December 28, 2018

How to make egg omelette in tomato and onions. The ingredients you need are eggs(4) two or one onion(s) depending on size, tomatoes,cooking oil,some little salt just in case you want it. Dice the tomatoes and onions, break some eggs and add the diced tomatoes and onions and mix them together. You can add some little salt to improve your taste. Prepare a source of fire,put on your frying pan and put some cooking oil(little) and fry for around one minute. Easy to prepare.

In cuisine simple terms an omelette or omelet is a dish made from beaten eggs then fried with oil or butter in a frying pan then folded around fillings of cheese, vegetables, chives, mushrooms, meat, onions, tomatoes or a combination of the above.

Egg omelette has its historic origins in ancient Persia and is sometimes called an Iranian dish. An omelette is packed with proteins,vitamins,energy, carbohydrates and minerals like zinc and potassium. The main ingredients of an omelette are eggs,butter and cooking oil. Napoleon Bonarpate tasted an omelette for the first time and the next day told local people to collect all the eggs in the town to make big omelette for his soldiers. It seems it tasted so good to him for the first time.

Egg omelette varies from country to country the way they are prepared in the kitchen. They are so different from countries like United States, Chine omelette, Korean omelette, France, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, India, Spain, Thailand and many more countries. In all these places one will find different versions of egg omelette.

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