How to Make Avocado, Mango Juice | Drink For Glowing Skin and Weight Loss

By | May 18, 2021

Mango juice is healthy, prevents anemia, it’s good for eyes, strengthens bones, helps in digestion, helps to have a glowing skin, useful in pregnancy.

Avocado is rich in vitamins like B6 which helps to decrease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome like fatigue, bloating and irritability. It has minerals like potassium which is good for the body. Avocado has heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. It has fibre helping in digestion. It lowers cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels. Avocado is easy to eat, it boosts your body energy, avocado powers you up and is good for the heart. Avocado gives a balanced diet, good for brain, fun to eat, protects the eyes, helps to lose weight.

How to make the drink.

Peel and Cut ripe avocado into small pieces, then cut the mango into small pieces after peeling the mango. Put in the blender and add some water. (The amount of water or the amount of avocado and mango you use will determine the thickness) Blend the mixture and put in a glass and drink. You can refrigerate the smoothie or drink in fridge for a few days or hours and take if the drink still tastes good if refrigerated.
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To make avocado and the mango juice Cut your mango after peeling it cut it Into small pieces So now here i'm just starting a glass of The juice So i will use a little of this this is What i'm doing Cut them into small pieces then you get A piece of The avocado this one here you need a Little by the way you don't need a lot Because it's so thick when you blend it To be thick So this is the mango These are the pieces of the manga you Need So now i'm going to put them into the Blender Now i'm going to add some water some Water Like one glass because i'm interested in One glass actually it could be less than A glass This is the water so now we are going to Get it [Music] Hmm [Music] So now i'm going to strain i'm going to Strain the mixture The advantage is there's a lot of energy They're almost the same as avocado and Green pepper a lot of energy it's an Antioxidant

It leaves the skin calips in the bone Movement so now i'm straining it Those are some of the advantages did i Dress the body And this is how this is how we do this I'm going to put it into The glass it's like a smoothie It's like a smoothie yeah that is This is our juice mango And avocado juice yeah that is it thank You

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