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it is very easy to make watermelon juice since it is almost all liquid. Do not throw away your scraps or rinds. Watch how easy it is to make a juice right in the blender!!
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Idea what's going on it's Lisa here raw Food for kids I hope you have an awesome Day a great weekend at Sunday morning And just post a video of Mackenzie doing Some shots of green juice which side I'm Rin juice and now I'm making some Watermelon juice for the day and we Generally will eat the the watermelon as A snack just here some but I'm going to End up making a juice out I might just Cut in chunks keeping the fridge too Convenient for all of us the kids and we Just eat the nice juicy red part but I Do not let any of the rinds or anything Go to waste I I usually will juice them What I do is I like to take my Watermelon I scrub it with soap and Water really good and then I take the Green when I cut it up I end up peeling The dark green part off because it's a Little bitter um you know I'm not buying Sometimes I don't always buy an organic Watermelon so I don't have to worry About you know the pesticides or Something that they probably spray on it And what I do is I'm left with these Chunks say with the you know kind of a Lighter pink and the white but there's So much nutrients in this well normally I would put it through a juicer and I Would juice this but since it's like 92 Percent water it just turns to like mush In the juicer so I thought I bet I could Put this in the blender

It's a lot of people don't have a juicer But you shouldn't be throwing any of This stuff away I mean this yields so Much juice it's unbelievable so I just Wanted to show you because I'm saying You're making the juice of that and I Thought this is cool a lot of people Don't have a juicer a lot of people Throw away you know all this part of the Watermelon they don't eat and it's real Simple especially we take that green Hard part off you could totally put it In your Vitamix all right so this is Just a strainer that I have over a a Bowl and what I'm going to do is I take My Vitamix all right I've got all my Scraps you know I just Just humilate in the fridge you know I Cut it the whole watermelon up and then You know I'll make a juice like every Other day or something just got all my Random pieces say you just put in the Blender get you a little tamper and like I said because it doesn't have the hard Green part your blender can totally pray This up Very simple alright and then you just Pour it right in the strainer that Doesn't even this actually I think is I Like I said I've been doing this in the Juicer but I actually think this is a Quicker method and you know you can Actually do the whole entire watermelon This way too if you wanted a little

Sweeter but I find that the watermelon Juice even just doing the rinds and some Of them you know this pink part it the Juice still comes out so sweet and Delicious you have a little more I guess Pulp doing it this way everyone say this Is free juice I don't you know kill Myself trying to squeeze out every last Drop but today just left with some Gucci Stuff and that's it real easy you got a Nice beautiful juice I'm gonna might be Johnny see these I get my little chicks Rule pajamies because I can get dressed Here in a minute we're going to Whole Foods not even sure we're gonna do for The day but anyways just want to share That with you so you know don't throw Away your rinds if you don't have a Juicer don't stress it you can do it Right in the blender so um anyways I Hear Mackenzie callin for me I should Want to blame the girls cribbed I'm Coming baby hold on one second so Anyways remember to always eat happy Foods have a super awesome day please Subscribe these videos if you have it Give us a thumbs up if you like us and What else I think that's it leave it Leaving me a comment if you got a Suggestion anything I'd love to hear From you and take care thanks for Watching

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