How To Grow Bigger Testicles (Not Kidding)

By | August 26, 2016

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The studies mentioned:

This video may just blow your mind.

I’m about to explain to you a way that you may be able to grow bigger testicles.


So why would you want to grow bigger testicles? Simple. Bigger testicles translates to more testosterone.

In short, the info in this video can help you immensely on your journey to hormonal optimization.

So what’s the secret to growing bigger testicles?

Gut health. Bacteria. More specifically, probiotics. Hear me out.

It’s hard to understand just how much bacteria we actually host, but here’s few examples:

a) Your body is made of around 10 trillion human cells, and you harbor around 100 trillion bacterial cells (hence the 10% human claim).

b) There’s actually even more bacterial cells in you than there’s stars in our galaxy (the Milky Way)

The researchers tested multiple different diets along with Lactobacillus reuteri and found out that in every single case, the addition of L.reuteri into the feed did the following:

– prevented age related testicular shrinkage
– increased testicular size significantly when compared to control group
– increased testicular weight significantly when compared to control group
– increased testosterone levels significantly when compared to the control group
– increased social domination when compared to the control group
– increased the activity of the hypothalamus-pituiary-testis axis
– increased sperm motility, quality, and quantity
– increased luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels

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Alright I'm about to blow your mind what You're about to watch is going to be a Bit controversial but it's got some Really important lessons so you might Have heard the fact that bacteria and Probiotics really are the essence of Life and without them you would actually Die pretty early Now here's what I mean the body is made Up of about 10 trillion human cells and Actually 100 trillion bacterial cells so Technically in that capacity you are Actually 90% bacteria which is a Little-known fact and there are actually More bacterial cells in your body than There are stars in our galaxy so with That in mind you probably now get why Having a healthy bacterial flora is Actually extremely important for your Overall longevity all right now the First thing that I want to show you is Actually a very controversial study that I learned about when I was studying Neuroscience at Duke and it was done by A neuroscientist named John Crying of University College Cork in Ireland so What he did he was curious to test the Stress response of mice when put into a Certain situation when he fed them a Certain bacteria so he took two groups Of mice one group he didn't feed Anything so they were just regular mice And this was a control group the other Group he fed a probiotic strain known as

Lactobacillus rhamnosus now Lactobacillus rhamnosus he basically had A hunch that this this bacteria would Help with a stress response so what he Did was he fed you know the one group The the bacteria the other group had Nothing he threw them into buckets of Water and actually measured their Latency to give up drowning there was no Way for them to get out of the bucket Either group so but what he noticed was Extremely interesting so the control Group who didn't have any probiotics Actually would give up their stress Response was so high they would swim Around in circles and they would give up At about four minutes and he would pluck Them out of water of course he didn't Let them die but the group that he fed The lactobacillus rhamnosus to would Actually not stop swimming they would Not give up while the other group was You know ready to die at a certain point The lactobacillus rhamnosus group did Not give up they would just keep on Swimming keep on swimming which he Thought was extremely interesting so What he was very curious so he measured The Cortisol levels of both groups after This this test and what he found was That the control group the one that did Not have any lactobacillus rhamnosus Actually had 100 times higher cortisol

Levels than the group that was fed the Lactobacillus rhamnosus and in the again They were the ones who didn't give up They were the ones who actually had such A low stress response that they had much More energy – and have a you know a Bigger will to live so this is where Things get somewhat more controversial So what he did was he he to really test This theory that this back and Lactobacillus rhamnosus was what caused The lower cortisol levels drastically Lower cortisol levels he severed the Vagus nerve of the group of mice that Had the lactobacillus rhamnosus and he Through he replicated the same Experiment through the control group Back in and through the probiotic group Of mice back into the water and what he Found next was very interesting because The group that before wouldn't give up The ones that were fed the prot Probiotic acted like now they acted like The regular group and they would give up So what this what this taught us is Basically that the there is a Communication between the gut and the Brain that lowers cortisol levels with This one strain of bacteria which is Really cool so one thing that you should Know though is that while this was done In mice we actually as humans we have The same body structures as these mice Did we do have the same you know the

Vagus nerve and we have the gaba Receptors in our brain that are the ones That are communicating with our gut with This strain of bacteria so this is a Really interesting finding it does point To the fact that humans may have a Similar result now I want to tell you About another benefit that you've Probably never heard of and you will Never hear from anything else but it's It's pretty crazy actually but it's Great for men so certain strain of Bacteria actually called lactobacillus Reuteri will help you grow bigger Testicles now in this study published in 2014 Using male Wistar rats which also have Extremely similar reproductive systems As human men that's why they actually Use male Wistar rats for a lot of these Studies on the reproductive system in This study The researcher found that when fed Lactobacillus reuteri the group of mah The group of rats actually outperformed The control group on a ton of different Biomarkers including prevented Age-related testicular shrinkage Increased testicular size significantly When compared to the control group Increased testicular weight can Significantly when compared to the Control group increased testosterone Levels significantly when compared to

The control group increased social Domination when compared the control Group increase the activity of the Hypothalamic pituitary test e axis Increased sperm motility quality and Quantity and increased LH and FSH Signaling so in a nutshell no matter What the researchers did to try and Offset it the group of rats that that Was fed the lactobacillus reuteri Always outperformed the control group in These biomarkers now you're probably Thinking along the lines of what I was Thinking the first time I saw these Studies where can I get some probiotics You know what's what's the best way to Get the right bacteria and especially These strains of bacteria these specific Ones that are great for men and male you Know organisms where can I get these in My diet or supplements or whatever so First off in terms of your diet a great Way to get probiotics in your diet is Fermented food now a couple of these Foods include sauerkraut you know which Could be sauerkraut juice as the liquid Is what holds a lot of the bacteria Yogurt you know get organic sugar free Con yogurt you know the ones without all The extra added sugars and kefir Fermented cheese pickles kombucha which Is actually a culture of bacteria and Yeast that's brewed into a tea like Drink fermented fish and another option

Is lassi which is an Indian yogurt so One of the issues though is that wide Variety people really do not like to eat Fermented foods because they taste weird So another option that you can have is Something that we actually introduced Recently we made this specifically for Men is that it's called flora sill it's By truth nutriceuticals and it has all Of the right bacteria that are going to Support your men's health or your male Hormonal health and it also of course it Includes lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri Every single capsule of flora so 50 has 50 billion live organisms in it so every City you only have to take one capsule a Day and you're feeding yourself 50 Billion live cultures of which you know There are all the strains that you need As a man to keep your male hormonal Health and check to really keep the Lower cortisol levels and to help you Know improve all of your sperm and you Know sexual health biomarkers so flora So 50 is now available on the anabolic Men marketplace and you can click Through the link to find out more

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