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Hello Lovelies, In today’s video I’m sharing with you, ancient secrets that can help you go from a 40 seconds to 40 minutes man. I know topics like this are very sensitive but I’m here to help those struggling in their relationships due to issues like this. It is fixable, DON’T BE A 40 SECONDS MAN | GO FROM 40 SECONDS TO 40 MINUTES WITH THIS DRINK.

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In today's video i am going to be Sharing with you a simple recipe That can help you function well and give You that Performance you've been looking for the Ingredients in today's recipe contains Lycopene and it contains citrulline These are natural Boosters in fact they boost nitric oxide In the body And what happens is that with the Presence of nitric oxide blood vessels Are dilated in the areas Needed for performance and that means Longer stay time Longer performance and longer excitement To help you Function well without disappointment now If that's something that sounds Interesting to you Then keep on watching But that's not the truth Hello lovelies welcome and welcome back To uzl tv I hope you guys are doing great in just A second we will jump right into the Ingredients but first if you haven't Already subscribed and joined this Wonderful family over here why don't you Go ahead and subscribe and turn on bell Notifications so that you are notified Anytime i have New uploads also the membership club is Opening very soon go ahead and check out

The links in the description box so that When the doors are open you you'll be One of the first persons to hear about It Already without wasting much of your Time let's just get right into The video of the day these are the Ingredients we will be needing For today's recipe i've got carrots here Carrots has got a chemical known as Carotenoids and this is what is Responsible for giving Carrots its orange color carotenoids Found in carrots may help improve Performance And also the quality of your production And so this is a fertility Superfood and if you want more endurance And performance you need to be loading Up on More carrots beetroot on the other hand Helps the body produce nitric Oxide and nitric oxide helps pump blood To The areas where performance is needed so In order to improve stamina beetroot is One of the key Ingredients that you need to be Consuming you can also use it To increase endurance during your Workouts if you're using this as a Pre-workout It is said that beetroot can help dilate Blood vessels

During exercises and also can improve Blood flow to muscles you all know the Benefits of Ginger it not only can help with your Prostate health It can also reduce the risk of prostate Cancer And again it's a digestive it helps in Digestion Ginger also helps to reduce inflammation In the body and also helps in Boosting immune system another key Ingredient Is watermelons you don't necessarily Have to use the frozen one but this is What i have on ground but watermelon Helps with prostate health Also helps with the dysfunctions that Men face it contains phytonutrients Like lycopene and citrulline lycopene Also found in other red veggies like Tomatoes they all play a role in Protecting Against prostrate cancer and also the Benefits you get from Watermelon are simply the same benefits You get from the peels that you take And so it's best to go the natural route And get this nutrients So i have already gone ahead to wash and Clean My veggies you can see that the ginger Has been de-skinned so make sure you Take out the skin from it and also i

Just skinned the carrot so make sure you Also do that i've already washed My beet roots properly to the point Where you can literally just munch on it As it is so when you're doing this make Sure you wash your veggies very well What i am going to do first because the System for getting this juice Is a little bit different for some of You who already have A juicer it is just best to juice all These But for some of my friends here who do Not have a juicer Let me show you a method you can use to Get the nutrients without actually Diluting it so much I am going to put this Over to my blender Okay so to this i am going to add two Cups of water I'll go ahead and blend this and i'll be Back already so This is what we have here i will be Using My strainer to strain it i know a lot of You will be asking me questions like Isn't that good fiber yes it is good Fiber But it's a lot and we have other veggies Here That also has fiber you can use this for Other things like carrot cake Baking or even making a cookie or

Something Okay i quickly wanted to just share with You guys what i did with the fiber from The carrot So i used it to make a sauce that my Family and i had for dinner that day and It was super delicious in fact my Husband Really loved it and he wanted more so That is something you can actually do With The fiber from your carrot if you need Inspiration then you want me to you know Share my recipe with you guys let me Know in the comment section and i'll do That So now we have our carrot juice and onto Our beetroot first of all Save these greens I wish i could say i was finally over You But that's not the truth Everyone always keep falling in love Again All i'm going to do now is to add Everything into My blender these were just the tiny Leaves i could get from my beetroot but Nonetheless i'm still going to add it to It Because the leaves are also as Beneficial as the root itself Everything is now in the blender we are Going to use this liquid

Already so this is what we have here in This beautiful color I did not use all of the carrot juice But we are still going to mix it in There Look at that look at that gorgeousness And then i will use my carrot juice Because i don't want to add any other Water to this Okay Pour it in there give it a shake And then pull back in here Already so this is what we have going on Here i just added a slice of lemon just For presentation purposes but you can as Well go ahead and squeeze in the lemon Into the drink before having it or you Can just pop it in your mouth However you choose to have it but this Is just a super drink you can have On a daily basis now you'll begin to see Results Sooner because we have great nutrients Packed into this Drink i recommend you have this at least One cup of this In a day we have about two cups Measurement here if you want to go buy The standard measuring cup now this Other one can be taken the next day but You shouldn't store it in the fridge for More than three days Okay lovelies there you have it this is Easy peasy this is easy to make and it

Is also guaranteed to give you the Results you can also share this with Your partner so that you both Enjoy in the excitement that it has to Offer Now go ahead and check out these other Videos i have on my channel and until i Come your way next time Keep loving keep serving and keep Staying Positive bye for [Music] Out i'm too now to be done at this page

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