How To Gain Maximum Muscle On TRT?

By | February 23, 2023

Gil T explains how to build muscle on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).
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How to gain maximum muscle on trt same Way as how to gain maximum muscle off Trt go ahead and learn how to eat Correctly when I say it correctly don't Tell me I'm eating clean I'm eating good I know how to eat because you clearly Don't if you're not gaining muscle You're not eating enough gaining muscle Requires so much food and when I say so Much food it doesn't mean cheeseburgers It means so much of the right food that It's really something that makes your Body uncomfortable your body is at Homeostasis at all times it finds a Happy medium based on your lifestyle and Your habits and if you don't like where You're at you have to change your Lifestyle and your habits and in the Case of building muscle that requires Significant amounts of food in addition To that most people think they train Properly they really don't now when it Comes to real hypertrophy training so Training and exercise are really going To be the secrets here this has nothing To do with your trt or your dose I can Promise you that

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