How to Cure Impotence by Increasing Blood Circulation

By | April 1, 2014
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Getting it up to make love with your partner goes hand in hand with good blood circulation. This will teach you how to cure impotence by increasing your blood circulation, watch and learn how.

Impotence is a condition that affects almost 30 million Americans from 30 to 70 years of age. Most cases of impotence are due to poor circulation; good blood circulation in the penile tissues is needed to keep the penis erect. Here’s how to cure impotence by increasing blood circulation.


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[Music] How to cure impotence by increasing Blood circulation impotence is a Condition that affects almost 30 million Americans from 30 to 70 years of age Most cases of impotence are due to poor Circulation good blood circulation in The penile tissues is needed to keep the Penis erect it can be very frustrating For a man to have this problem not just Physically but also mentally and Emotionally fortunately you can learn How to cure impotence by increasing Blood circulation one eat more fats not All fats are bad for your health Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are Good for your health Primarily because they can help lower Your triglyceride levels and blood Pressure in addition they can boost your Body's production of the hormone Testosterone which is the primary sex Hormone Fromelles High levels of testosterone can mean a Better erection examples of foods high In omega-3 fatty acids include salmon Sardines beans nuts and olive oil to Exercise cardiovascular exercises can Help enhance your blood circulation and Thereby increase blood flow even in your Penis moreover it can reduce body fat Associated with higher levels of Estrogen estrogen the female hormone has An inversely proportional relationship

With testosterone so reducing fat can Increase your testosterone levels which Can help combat erectile dysfunction 3 Quit smoking according to studies Smokers are more prone to erectile Dysfunction and impotence compared to Non-smokers this is because smoking is Associated with poor blood circulation Because it hardens the arteries and Makes them less flexible men who quit Smoking report partial or full Restoration of their erection For use herbal remedies here are some Herbs that you can try ginseng this herb Is a popular remedy in China for Impotence It works by improving the body stress Response and thus increases a person's Capacity for dealing with stress and Physical and emotional exertion ginger Or cinnamon these spices were used in Ancient times as aphrodisiacs because They warm up the blood and improve blood Circulation in various parts of the body Including the penis consuming a gram of Cinnamon or ginger three times a day is Enough to experience their benefits Tamiana This herb increases your penises Sensitivity by increasing blood flow it Enhances pleasure and cures impotence it Actually mimics the effects of Testosterone 5 try reflexology the Practice of reflexology claims to

Enhance blood flow to certain parts of The body it involves exerting pressure On different pressure points located all Over the body the pressure points Corresponding to the penis or on the Ankles so applying pressure on the ankle May be able to help give you an erection Aside from curing impotence reflexology Also promotes relaxation which can help Take your mind off your erectile Dysfunction and therapy help you get an Erection 6 use a device if all else Fails you can try using a penis pump Which is a plastic tube that helps Enhance blood flow to the penis once the Penis becomes erect you place an elastic Band around the base of the penis to Help keep the blood in the penis and Keep it erect however beware of the side Effects of penis pumps such as mild Bruising and less intense orgasms There were many ways on how to cure Impotence by increasing blood Circulation try natural methods first Before you resort to a penis pump to Cure your condition [Music]

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