How to Build MORE MUSCLE in 6 Weeks!

By | April 5, 2019

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Training for gaining muscle mass sounds Simple use the best exercises trained in The best rev range and recruit and Exhaust as many muscle fibers as Possible in fact these points are the Foundation to build muscle mass but There is one other important factor you Have to consider It's called periodization periodization Is quite simple you focus on different Aspects at a different time in order to Increase your potential you could for Example focus on a low rep range to Increase max strength for 4 weeks then Focus on the middle rep range to build As much muscle mass as possible for 6 Weeks Finally you do a period with a high rep Range to increase strength endurance and Capillaries ation of your muscles even If the middle rep range or in other Words the well-known six to 12 rep range Is best to build muscle mass the other Two are also very important This style of periodization in which you Focus on different aspects at a Different time works well yet there is Another way which offers more variety And can be superior for building muscle Mass the key is to mix different rep Ranges either over the week or in one Workout let's start with the different Rep ranges over the week and take the Barbell row as an example don't worry we

Will also show you how you can do this With Ken aesthetics exercises later you Start the week by using light weights And train in the high rep range then you Continue the week with medium weights Which allow you to train in the middle Rep range and at the end of the week you Train in the low rep range with heavy Weights on the other hand if you would Do this in one workout instead over the Week it would be like this two sets with The low rep range two sets with a medium Rep range and two sets with a high rep Range Of course it's also possible to change The focus of the workout if you want to Focus more on strength you could do Three to one instead of two to two now We show you how you could do this with Calisthenics the first example are Pull-ups here you could start with two Sets weighted pull-ups continue with Normal pull-ups for two sets and finish With bent assisted pull-ups again for Two sets if you would do it with Push-ups you could start with Archer Push-ups for two sets continue with Normal push-ups for two sets and finish With incline push-ups for two sets Always remember those are only examples If normal pull-ups and push-ups are very Hard for you you have to choose them as The hardest exercise and continue with Easier ones of course it's also possible

To do this with advanced calisthenics Exercises a good example is the front Leave a race here you could start with The full front leave a race then you Continue with one leg level raises and Finish with tucked ones holistic Training is very good to build muscle But also strength and this is the reason Why it's included in our new body Transformation program the program Combines calisthenics and weight of Calisthenics it's designed around many Different calisthenics exercises and Their progressions it's possible to do Most of the exercises with bodyweight Only but we also added weighted Calisthenics as an option this gives you More variety and will optimize your Progress the complete package comes with All three levels basics pro and elite in Every level you will work with different Methods and techniques like circuit Training super sets drop sets High-intensity interval training and Many more while basics and pro give you A perfect plan to get the most out of Your training the elite level adds Nutrition adapted to your training and An optimal way and splits the program Into a park and a cut face to give you The best deal we offer a 10% discount For the complete package by using the Code transform 10 Just visit Kelly move come and get your

Program now if you have further Questions just leave a comment thanks Alex

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