How Does Soy Affect Testosterone Levels?

By | February 7, 2023

Does Soy Affect Testosterone Levels in young boys and girls, in teenagers and in adult men?
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Is eating soy products because of the Phytoestrogens is it in any way Dangerous for young boys so what do you Think At very high levels It can be the dose makes the poison Um if you think about phytoestrogens Most of them are very weak and I’m not Scared of them in general and I have two Young boys as well and they you know They do have soy products Um there’s a difference between heavily Refined soy products there’s several Specific phytoestrogens of which in Podcasts in the next couple months I Will go into deep detail with but Phytoestrogens can affect your Estrogenic profile but they are also Agonists so they bind receptors that you Have the estrogen receptor receptors are Much more complicated than the Androgen Receptor maybe similar to how females Are more complicated than males but uh Your Androgen receptor you only have one It’s on your X chromosome you get it From your mother if you’re female you Have two two X chromosomes The estrogen receptors you have Estradiol receptor Alpha Beta e r r Alpha e r r beta e r r gamma a lot of The phytoestrogens bind the estradiol Related receptors or even the membrane Estrogbonyl receptor which is a Different one

And these are similar receptors that Usually weak estrogens bind For example if you give a very low dose Of estrone which is a bioidentical Estrogen to a male child if it is a low Enough dose there won’t be any Clinically significant negative effect And then of course you have to think About what is this individual’s Baseline Estrogenic signaling so if they tend to Low Tend to run low on estrogenic signaling Then increasing estrogenic signaling Might will likely actually be a healthy Thing for them to do For example alcohol is a known up Regulator of aromatase and you’ll have a Lot more estrogenic signaling if you Drink alcohol but Um Even alcohol use for people that have Relatively high estrogen does not always Lead to estrogenic side effects so long Answer I’m not very scared of Phytoestrogens xenoestrogens certainly Things like bisphenol a or phthalates Would be concerning especially during Childhood Yeah the last decade here in Europe it Has been a attendance to give the young Children all kinds of soy products Because you talked about yeah High Versus a low dose but what’s really low Or high dose right a lot of moms are

Avoiding dairy products because maybe of The hormones in Dairy but they’re Changing all the dairy for soy soy milk They give all kinds of soy products to The young children the boys as well so I Always ask myself the question will this Hinder the male development and those Teenage years of boys Maybe At some dose the dose certainly makes The poison so that sounds like that’s an Awful lot many people know that I am a Huge advocate of a healthy balanced diet With as many Whole Foods as possible Especially in children and even with my Own children I give them Um Uh like lots of dairy from a local Dairy And we eat the eggs from our own Pasture-raised chickens and we eat our Own chickens as well and they love red Meat from the local grass-fed beef and I Feed them bone marrow and I feed them Liver so there’s certainly a lot of Benefits for things like red meat high Iron foods particularly foods high in Zinc micronutrient rich foods and dairy As well for kids Dairy is great if of Course at a tolerable level because it Can help improve growth signaling in Children Yeah same here I draw the uh avoid soy Products than avoiding Dairy really so Um yeah I’m probably the same answer for Adult men uh soy products it will not

Really negatively affect their Testosterone levels Certainly not in normal doses Correct most concerning in men that Already struggle with significant Estrogen dominance and then in that case The therapeutic approach would likely be Decreasing use of things like alcohol or Decreasing body fat percentage or Insulin resistance Have you heard of soy products Influencing Um the development of teenage girls Maybe they go earlier into puberty Because of the estrogens have you had Cases This is very debatable I would I have Not I’ve seen a lot of cases of Precocious puberty and borderline Precocious people really in both males And females but Um it is very hard to isolate The cause because of high consumption of Soy products it does seem like it could Be that it can be clinically significant Or contribute however think about it as Just like a Small bundle of straws on the camel’s Back it’s not the it’s not the main Driver Personally I think the main driver is Metabolic syndrome even in children that Perhaps don’t quite meet the uh cut off For childhood obesity it’s done by

Standard deviations it’s class one class Two class three but in a lot of cases You’re detecting Non-alcoholic stata hepatitis or fatty Liver disease you’re detecting High Visceral body fats in children before Puberty and when that’s the case there’s Several hormones the main ones that are The adipose brain connection are leptin Adiponectin Um ghrelin Um those are are some of them but leptin In particular is known to be an Agonist At a g protein-coupled receptor in the Hypothalamus that increases GnRH release So that Um Theoretically and also like uh through Retrospective cohort studies we know That an increase in that signaling is Likely to be one of the main Contributors and Um proliferation of that body fat tissue Is in my opinion kind of like the main Offender and one of the main things that Should be targeted all that being said I’m a bit biased I’m obesity medicine Physician that’s what I’m board Certified in so that’s what I’m very Passionate about sure yeah I certainly Have the personal impression that pupil Tree comes earlier especially for girls Nowadays if I compare to yeah 30 years Ago

That’s my impression yeah it’s very true Yeah but obesity is rising up in Comparison to 30 years ago in children As well so That’s a correlation probably

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