How Does it Feel to Have Supraphysiological Testosterone Levels?

By | February 26, 2023

How Does it Feel to Have Supraphysiological Testosterone Levels? What does high Testosterone feel like?
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How does it feel like to have high Supra Physiological testosterone levels I don't have super physiological Testosterone levels I keep my my current Testosterone in that 8 900 range on my Total Tea I keep my free tea like in the In the mid-20s and I feel normal Um but I will say that in you know there Have been time periods in my life where I was competing in bodybuilding where I Had super physiological levels And how it feels I would describe as Unsustainable long-term irritable You feel in one hand almost like you're On a drug you feel like Almost hyper alert but at the same time Unwell and it's hard to put a finger on The unwell part because something is off Both mentally and physically you you do Crash you feel fatigued and while you're Feeling A Rush of energy you also feel Like your eyelids are heavy you struggle To sleep and you're chronically tired But yet your body feels like it can keep Working so it's a very weird awkward Feeling that I'm not a fan of I feel Like it ages you fairly quickly and when I say super physiological I'm talking Steroid doses I'm not talking you know We got patients that are quote unquote Outside of the lab range the lab ranges Are junk those mean absolutely nothing So if the lab tells you over 850 or 900s To it listen if you feel great at 1200

1300 everything else looks good we have No problem with that we have lots of Patients in that range I'm talking super Physiological in the you know two Thousand three thousand range you're Gonna you're gonna there's no free lunch You're gonna pay the price for that down The line and it doesn't really feel all That good when you think back on it the Time you know you're killing in the gym That's great but the rest of your life Suffers for it so I'm not a fan

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