High Dose Vitamin D3: The Miracle of Health!

By | February 2, 2023

Dr Jeffrey Ruterbusch discusses the benefits of high dose vitamin D, the combination with other supplements such as vitamin K2, Magnesium and Boron, and why he recommends 10,000 iu vitamine D3 supplement per day.
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0:29 What is High dose vit D ?
3:44 Research
6:50 Vitamin D3 K2 Magnesium and Boron
8:32 vitamin D 3 levels in blood

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Let’s talk about higher doses of vitamin D3 so what we call higher doses that’s Usually 5 000 to 10 000 international Units a day I know whenever we’ve Mentioned those doses before under the Video we guarantee there are some Comments that’s all way too much you’re Gonna have calcifications and so on so That’s why I asked you to clarify all This well here’s my take on vitamin D It’s probably one of the most or least Understood uh vitamins of all And I’ll tell you why back in the old Days Believe it or not Um doctors used to prescribe high-dose Vitamin D Um for patients routinely And I’m talking it was a drug coughing Calcium or trial this there’s three Drugs that were pushed Back in the days in the 30s and 40s and They found out it was such a beneficial Modality that the hospitals were Actually losing patience People were staying out of the hospital Then people think that the reason that The government can put the K Bosch on it Is because they wanted Through pressures of the AMA wanted People to enter the hospital you don’t Want people leaving hospitals so it’s Got a bad rep and I think one of the Most confusing things too about it is

The the units Um they make those units sound so high I Mean you have to understand that the International unit It must be conversion Um if you do 40 000 IUS 40 000 IUS That’s one milligram One little bit so and I like they say The cancer dose of at least 20 Milligrams a night Um That would be what 0.25 0.25 milligrams 200 550 micrograms I mean when you talk in in micrograph it Doesn’t sound so ominous you know five Thousand to ten thousand units but it’s Not a lot of milligrams if you convert It and also when I was at a recent ammg The oh Age Management yeah when I went To their conference Dr Derek dasilva Who’s big on nutritional supplements Vitamins and minerals he gave a talk and He said that When you go back and look at the Research of vitamin D that they grow Intestly underestimated and under Published what the actual RDA should be And he’s gone through the research and Came up And said listen that one or two thousand Uh IUS a day is way too low He feels that the RDA should be seven to Eight thousand IU’s per day now if

That’s your the accurate I use per day RDA Um then it doesn’t take a rocket Scientist to realize that 10 000 odd Years or five to ten thousand is not a Big deal you can go outside and high Noon with a bathing suit for 20 minutes And get 10 at least 10 000 IUS or the Equivalent of it as if the body Processes the sunlight it converts it to Vitamin D So if you think about it being on sun Sunshine for quite a quite a while it’s Not a dangerous unit to get 20 000 IUS It’s so easy to get Um but there’s a there’s another fellow Called um oh let me do this book for Your audience this is the best book you Can find on vitamin D it says know your D okay this is chock full of good Information I recommend every physician Get this so they could get straight Skinny on vitamin D all right now There’s another fella out there His name is Jeff ball And he’s written the vitamin D3 Miracle The miraculous results of extremely high Doses of the sunshine hormone vitamin D3 And he’s experiment with height he’ll Take Twenty five thousand fifty thousand he’s Taking a thousand one hundred thousand IUS a day for years And says he’s had no sequela heatless

Numerous studies where doctors have Prescribed fifty thousand hundred Thousand a matter of fact there was a Doctor that gave a patient 300 000 IUS Over a period of a month no Complications there was another doctor That gave a patient A million a million I use one dose of Course and there’s no sequeline he feels That the major complication the bad rap That vitamin D gives and then with this Calcification issue is only because People are deficient in magnesium And vitamin K2 Matter of fact in this book here he Mentioned the miraculous cure and Prevention of all diseases what doctors Had never learned He says that most diseases chronic Diseases are due to a vitamin D Magnesium K2 Zip Boron you said Boron Boron Z K2 Vitamin D is that those things if in Proper proportion Well Less than any negative consequences in Other words uh uh calcium going to soft Tissues So with those of course the biggest Three there is the vitamin D And the magnesium And the K2 just those three You should never have an issue with

Hyper vitaminosis D And presenting as as calcifications so You want to get your magnesium optimized You vitamin K2 optimize and then you can Ramp up the vitamin D’s for as much as You want to according to him he’s taken 100 000 IUS for years without Complications not as one of one but he Lists many studies or where people are Giving you know 50 to 100 000 IUS Routinely And so it the bad rap is they’re people They’re not it’s not it’s not the Vitamin D it’s the lack of magnesium and K2 now K2 We’ve had talks about K2 I believe There’s a book by uh oh hey famous Canadian researcher Cafe Blau uh Naturopath but she makes vitamin K2 and The calcium paradox Cements is the same thing that you know It’s the K2 that will guide the calcium To the teeth and bone to keep it from The soft tissues and the arteries and Vessels and so forth she mentioned that So it’s K2 now there’s two forms of K2 You know MK4 and mk7 And K4 and this is a confusion Let’s get this straight MK4 is measured RDA with milligrams And the daily milligrams strength should Be 45 Mk7 is much more efficient much more

Potent And you only need 120 micrograms of it Okay So MK4 is the plant-based source mk7 is The amla based source one you need a Minimum of 45 milligrams per day and That’s MK4 The other need at least 120 micrograms of MK2 but let me throw My own caveat in there I feel you need Um 120 micrograms of Mk7 With every 10 000 IUS of vitamin D so if You’re going to go to buy me a 20 000 Argues then I have bumped that 120 to 240. Okay and what the exact levels of Vitamin D are you shooting for in the Block you know The range was 30 minimum or 30 or 130 Nanograms per ml that was considered Insufficient Dr Rothenberg I mentioned Him earlier he thinks that uh 60 to 80 Is ideal Um I feel that 60 to 80 is ideal because that puts 70 Right in the middle And the reason I like 70 in the middle As Optimum is that another OBGYN taught Me years ago that And that the thyroid Won’t be optimized unless your vitamin D

Is at least 70. So I shoot for 60 to 70. I’ve had Patients come in you know 100 120 130 Um Roth and Barry Dr Rothenberg states That he’s never seen a case of hyper Vitaminosis D leading to negative Complications Until the serum level gets above 150. no One’s ever seen any any complications Under 150 but I err on the side of Caution and I think well if the thyroid Is optimized at around 70 I think 60 to 80 is a is a good number to shoot for But I don’t freak out if I get numbers Over 100 or you know 120 or 130. I just tell the patient make sure you’re Taking your magnesium And you’re K2 at least that all right Okay Yeah this will be reassuring for a lot Of people I guess because Um a lot of GPS are always telling Patients take 500 000 units a day Maximum I I tell my patients because I Also read a lot of blood work with Insufficient vitamin D levels I always Tell them take five thousands yeah and Sometimes if they tell their GP what They are taking the GP is saying well oh So much again they’re afraid of you know Uh Piper calcifications if it goes above A certain level it’s never been shown to Be an issue if you love if you keep it Under 150 serum level and like again

Um Jeffrey Bowles has written two books On it where he has quoted many studies And Jeff Bowles had been researching This for years a year and decades and He’d written books on it now he may he May be a little off to the right side a Little bit a little heavy side Um but he’d never seen complications uh In uh you know 50 000 to 100 000 IUS a Day uh me personally again Now talk about supplementation the Supplementation isn’t as important as a Certain level because we all we all Metabolize D differently So Me personally I will monitor the serum Levels to find out where that person Needs to be And I’ve had a lot of patients who are Obese or African you know darker skin And I gotta hit them with a lot of Vitamin D to get uh the numbers Therapeutic I think the lovers Sequestered in their in their fat Content be honest with you but again D Is one that you have to look at the labs To get it dialed in versus just you know I’m going to take 10 000 IUS the rest of My life and be satisfied with it I Wouldn’t worry about having Complications with it Um but again everybody’s different I Can’t make a blanket statement about Every every just take 10 000 IUS a day

Get your Baseline And realize that okay let me take Whatever five to eight thousand I mean Five to ten thousand a day I’ll start my Five to ten thousand a day depending on Where they are and I’ll bring it back in A few months or actually about three Months now look at it and if it’s again If it’s above 150 I’ll say you know what I think I think we need to back off a Little bit 60 to 80 and in my experience And my experience my political Spirit I’ve had to put most my pages on 10 000 IU’s a day to achieve that 60 to 80 Serum Okay Okay thank you for sharing your Knowledge and experience thank you so Much

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