HELP! Low Testosterone in 20s !

By | February 18, 2023

TRT In 20 Year Olds? “Help! I am 20 years old and I have low testosterone. How to increase testosterone levels? Do I already have to go on testosterone replacement therapy?” Gil T to the rescue.
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I had a question from a 20 year old he Said yesterday I was checked my Testosterone levels through blood work It's 263 nanograms milligrams per Deciliter only Yeah he says it's only that please give Me some tips to increase it um because I Don't want to go on trt yet Okay and he's 20 years old correct yes Okay I'm not sure what the unit was you Said milliliters milligrams he said a Milligrams per deciliter That's all right no so okay nanograms Per deciliter okay if he's in the U.S It's nanograms that is extremely low but Because he's 20 we would certainly not Rush any sort of a treatment with this With this guy uh the first thing we have To do is you have to go back and you Have to get the proper lab work done Unfortunately and I beat this to death All the time a lot of doctors are only Checking total testosterone and that is Only one aspect of an important Assessment you need to find out you're Luteinizing hormone more often than not Guys in your age group are deficient or Excuse me they're not but if they are Deficient it's usually due to secondary Hypogonadism which is a result of a low Pituitary gonadotropic release and if That's the case it's usually uh Secondary to Lifestyle nutrition sleep Stress a lack of exercise comorbidities

Etc and these are things that are Totally in your control at the age of 20. so unless you've had some delayed Puberty or some genetic malfunction go On or or a TBI like had trauma or Anything of the sort it would be very Uncommon for someone your age to really Need therapy so I urge you to get the Proper testing done get some sex hormone Binding globulin drawn up get some Luteinizing hormone drawn up and then in Conjunction you will have a better Understanding of what's going on with Your hormones Um sad to say you probably should not be Going back to the person who drew your Blabs initially because it's clear they Don't understand how to treat manage or Diagnose hormonal deficiencies so seek a Provider who's competent in doing that For you so at the very least you can get Off the ground correctly I'd hate to see A guy at your age relegated to a Lifelong treatment Especially I mean for any purpose but Especially if you're misdiagnosed or you Miss an opportunity to do a little more A little further digging so so get the Proper Diagnostics done and and then Have a deeper look yes

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