HCG Desensitization

By | March 10, 2023

Do you need to worry about HCG Desensitization on Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT?
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Can your body get desensitized or build Up a tolerance to taking HCG So the whole desensitizing of the late Excels thing that was a realistic Concern for a long time I believe that There was desensitization of the latex Cells in very high doses and from memory I can't remember if it was animal or Human studies but I have been looking at The long-term studies on HCG Particularly in men because it's been an Area that has piped my interest recently Um one of the the many mysteries of male Hormone replacement that irks me because I haven't been able to solve it and as Far as I'm aware no one else has either Is why do some guys react awfully to HCG And for other guys it's the best thing In the world Um that's something I haven't been able To solve but I've looked at everything From why Um you know for example there's some Studies that show that 10 IU of HCG Every other day still was enough to Produce a change in interest intra Testicular testosterone production That's Fire by you with death didn't do It to the same degree as the dose that We typically use but it got them on the Map so I thought there may be Hypersensitivity things I've also looked At people you know and myself have done An experiment with you know front

Loading bigger doses to see if the Reason why we don't tolerate it is that We are too hypersensitive and we need to Build a tolerance to it but when we look At the longer term studies that they've Done on HCG they haven't found any kind Of issues with desensitization and given That 250 units of HCG is the dose Required to maximize intra-testicular Testosterone production and typically Practitioners aren't really recommending Doses beyond that per dose for anything But short-term fertility protocols I Don't think people have anything to be Concerned about doing the kind of Optimal doses that we're talking about Doing now if people are still doing the 1500 IU once a week thing or you know if They're using like massive doses long Term for whatever reason people are Doing that then could that lead to Potential decent desensitization long Time long term maybe but it hasn't come Up in any of the studies even in those Doses and just like doing trt you know a 250 milligram per fortnight injection You know we don't really practice that Anymore because we've kind of worked out And we know better if you're using HCG Through a provider who knows what They're doing like the providers in this Group who are using it in kind of you Know the proper dosing I don't think People have anything to be concerned

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