Gil T reviews the NAC Supplement Benefits for SHBG

By | April 1, 2023

In this video Gil T reviews the NAC Supplement Benefits for SHBG. How to lower or reduce SHBG? in males? Can N Acetyl Cysteine help lowering SHBG? What dosage?
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Or other liver markers Yeah um so first off alt and ASD should Be reduced should I say because there's A lot of other factors that affect them And they are extremely transient but an Acetylcysteine is a very good Antioxidant it's an amino acid that Converts in the liver to glutathione Which is the most potent antioxidant in The body so supplementing five to six Hundred milligrams of an acetyl cysteine With breakfast and dinner I think is Something every living person should be Doing and uh there's a liver plus Supplement that has a good quality and Acetyl cysteine and we use that with a Lot of our patients but it's going to Potentially improve your shbg numbers if They are too high potentially because if You have non-alcoholic fatty liver Disease you have liver inflammation Essentially and an acetyl cysteine will Clean the liver fairly decently for a Younger guy when I say younger let's Just say under 50 as a ballpark Everyone's a little different I've seen Guys in their 60s who are healthy I've Seen 25 year olds who are atrocious but Generally speaking if you're like under 50 55 NAC will work for you uh if you're A little bit older the liver's efficacy In converting that into glutathione may Be diminished so glutathione in

Injections or intravenously could be Beneficial for you once a week and we do Prescribe glutathione injections as well Which are administered no different than Trt usually once a week 200 milligram Dose but essentially expect your shbg I'm going to say to normalize or Optimize whether it goes up or down is Really up to your own body to determine But if you have something going on with The liver that is causing an impact in One way or the other in your shpg then Yes cleaning your liver should certainly Help because shbg is produced in the Liver [Music] Thank you

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