Forget Prostate Problems With These Natural Treatments

By | July 11, 2017

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When the men get older, the cells of the gland tend to multiply which can cause disorder like enlarged prostate. But the real cause is still unknown. So the factor can be the changes in male sex hormones with age.

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Usually a disorder like BHP known as Enlarged prostate affects men at the age Of 50 and older However bhp is different from prostate Cancer and there is no reason to panic The man's prostate is a walnut sized Gland and it is important part of the Male reproductive system located beneath The urinary bladder and in front of the Rectum the prostate main function is to Make some of the fluid that nourishes And protects sperm cells in the semen When the men get older the cells of the Gland tend to multiply which can cause Disorder like enlarged prostate but the Real cause is still unknown so the Factor can be the changes in male sex Hormones with age the top 5 home Remedies for this problem are apple Cider vinegar if you consume a CV when It comes to enlarged prostate it can Help you a lot because it has astringent Properties that help shrink swelling Prostate glands also it aids weight loss And helps prevent complications of Enlarged prostate like UTIs in a glass Of warm water You just have to mix 1 to 2 tbsp of raw Unfiltered ACB and then you can add 1 Tbsp of honey It is recommendable to drink this Beverage twice daily another solution is To add one cup of ACB to a bathtub of Water and soak in it for 10 to 15

Minutes enjoy the soothing bath a few Times a week corn silk Instead medications people should start Using corn silk the reason is because it Acts as natural diuretic which has the Ability to relax the urinary muscles and Lining as results it improves the urine Flow firstly you should pour 4 cups of Water in a pot and then add in at the Silk of 6 years of fresh corn when it Starts to boil you should allow it to Simmer for another 10 minutes You can drink 3 cups on a daily basis of This corn silk tea also you can add 15 Drops corn silk extract to 1 cup of Water and drink it several times a day Sits bath this can be very effective Remedy for enlarged prostate the reason Is because can help you relax the pelvic Muscles and also can reduce swelling and Promote healing the cold bath on the Other hand will ease the pain firstly You should fill your bathtub with warm Water and add half a cup of Epsom salt To it then you should fill another Bathtub with cold water and add several Drops of lavender essential oil to it Then you can first sit in the bathtub With hot water up to your waist and sit There for three minutes after that you Should sit in the bathtub with cold Water and stay for one minute it is Recommendable to do this two more times The last bath should always be in the

Cooler water you should enjoy a sitz Bath a few times each week note it is Not recommendable to follow this remedy If you have acute bacterial prostatitis Stinging nettle its root contains Essential bioactive phytochemicals that Halo shrink prostate tissue so it can Lessen BHP symptoms it can also be used To encourage the elimination of Inflammatory wastes through urination Because it is a natural diuretic all you Have to do is to add one teaspoon of Dried nettle leaves in a cup of hot Water steep for 10 minutes and then Strain it you should drink this tea two To three times on a daily basis another Solution is to take a stinging nettle Supplement the usual amount is 300 Milligrams daily however you should First consult a doctor before taking a Supplement for the correct dosage for Your condition rye grass pollen extract In the preparation of rye grass pollen Extract are used three types of grass Pollen rye Timothy and corn in jus international Was published a study which says that Men who were taking rye grass pollen Extracts has improvement in their Symptoms compared to those who were Taking a placebo this extract can help You prevent the need to get up during The night and use the bathroom Also it can help man to urinate

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