Eden Baliwan – Cover Sana Pag Ibig Mo Ay Tunay Na

By | August 19, 2019

Sana Pag Ibig Mo Ay Tunay Na
Cover by: Eden Baliwan
Pianist: Datu Eljohn
Produced by: Music Lover’s Channel.

For Entertainment Purposes Only.

[Music] Ok ha ha ha [Applause] [Music] Mati besakih but nanananana dundee koopa Sauna or giving home Booming [Music] Only non-us cool [Music] Lacy's Nina [Music] I'm forgiving Once I Ha The love Whoo Because [Music] Bug-eating I Oh I think oh my god Oh No While giving you boy Oh So My [Music] In the Sun sucking my mama ha oh my god Oh [Music] A mother Son bug-eating my [Music]

Oh The So uh I love Lena Dunham bargaining I do Donna while giving [Music]

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