Eating Watermelon: The Benefits of Watermelon Rind!!

By | August 1, 2016

Watermelon has so many nutrients that new studies are appearing each year. However, the watermelon rind is loaded with a bevy of essential nutrients that benefit us humans. The benefits of watermelon rind will shock and amaze you!

Good morning Cochise two rocks are a Crown chakra you know we just finished Watermelon month we just finished the Point at which which is July so we just Finished a point at which watermelon Harvest watermelon production would be Really high so I see people you know They consume some people consume Watermelon others don't and I just think We need to understand how important that That watermelon is how much does that Watermelon actually have inside of it And why we should be consuming it more When I think about health and by the way I will be doing more videos and in the Fundamentals of Health Series that's What we'll call it the fundamentals of Health series so make sure if you don't Like if you haven't liked the Facebook Page go like it now this is cochis Cochise – rocks are because i'll be Releasing videos at least four or five Times a week so that you can get those Videos the thing about the watermelon That many people don't know is that Watermelon if you talk of the terms of Nutrients watermelon has more lycopene Than the tomato so the lycopene is the Ingredient that makes it that gives it The pigment that gives it to color so if A tomato is red it's that lycopene that Makes it red if the watermelon is red It's the lycopene and makes it red same Thing for the papaya and other different

Fruits so the watermelon has more Lycopene than the raw I should say the Raw tomato because actually Tomatoes one Of those things that you cook it more The more that you cook it the more and The more nutrients it releases also Carrots are like that too So actually cooked tomatoes are better For you than raw tomatoes that's a Sidebar I know but you still need to Know that the other thing that Watermelon has is gonna be vitamin A Vitamin A is good because it's a Precursor to the eye health but also Vitamin A tells all the other sales that A body to behave it's like a sergeant Like Stand in line you know that's what That's what vitamin A does then you have B6 vitamin C which is good for a lot of Different functions in the body Girlfriend hair growth girl for a new System strength then you have that Magnesium potassium and fiber which we Know that the digestive system is Probably going to be the most important System in terms of keeping disease out Because most of the disease you get Comes through the digestive tract so the Fiber is gonna help you to eliminate all These different things that you are Consuming you know because nobody's diet Is really perfect so the main thing is That the right that's the part I want to

Talk about the Ryan the rind of the Watermelon most of you throw that out no So you throw that out now if you don't Have a juicer if you don't have a juicer To really to blend up and make that Right into it juiced in all you have to Do is just cut as low as you can you Know that white part you know the part I'm talking about cut into that white Part if you are blending it and I just Cut as much of that as you can because I Doubt your blender will be able to to be Able to blend that up or if you just Eaten it straight up well just cut into It and eat that white part the white Part is good for you but because that's Part of the rind So what the rind the rind has the Citrulline and the chlorophyll now the Chlorophyll is great because again we Coming back if you saw the video I did The other day if you did make sure you Liked the page they take a look at go do The videos and you'll see the part about Cleaning your blood you need to how to Clean your blood you need to clean your Bloods like the oil to the car so what That chlorophyll does is it starts to Give the blood oxygen most green foods Have the chlorophyll all green fluids Have the chlorophyll so the Ryan is Where the chlorophyll is that it has More chlorophyll than the inside of it Also the citrulline is where is is

Located in the right most of it not not All of it because there's going Speckles and portions of it on the Inside of the watermelon so what does Citrulline does is it helps to relax Muscles which is why watermelon is good After workouts it also is the precursor Is broken down in the kidneys into a Larger nina anybody that works out is Looking for muscles and strength all That you know the l-arginine is big it's Good for building muscles but also L-arginine is good for sexual health for The males especially because it relaxes The blood vessels and helps for stronger Erection that's why they call it the Natural viagra but both the citrulline And the l-arginine are amino acids now On the other piece is that if you have Been having problems with lead and all These different things that's been in Your water toxic water then it's good For helping the chelate amino acids are Good for that you know doing that when You get it from natural natural sources Like you know these different greens and The onions and the what you call it the Garlic and there's another green food I Think it's called it may be called Chlorella I think it's called or Cilantro one of those helped to get the For the chelation but anyway in sticking With the reality of the situation is That it helps for your heart now if you

Have heart problems you should be Consuming watermelon if you have muscle Problems you should be consuming Watermelon if you have dehydration Problems you should be consuming Watermelon because watermelon is Beneficial for all these things on the Flip side just to get technical the Nutrient piece it has a zinc the seeds Choose your seeds I know that's a lot But if you're juicing in you got to Worry about it because you're consuming It anyway make sure you chew your seeds Make sure the reason if like the seeds Are so important to the inside of the Watermelons because the watermelons Gonna have the the protein its go ahead As ink it's gonna how to iron its go Ahead a fiber so it's gonna help you go To the bathroom men you deplete a lot of Zink during the ejaculation you also Deplete a lot of what you call it Chromium so selenium is will magnesium Is will so you deplete those things so You got to put it back but zinc is the Main thing And by the way watermelon is our cousin To the cucumber to these I think to the Squash to pumpkin so those are all Relatives I read some way I don't know It to be one of us intrude you can look It up that the watermelon is is one of The only only plant producers that's Like a fruit and a vegetable at the same

Time that really don't matter I know all You care about is what can it do for me And me too so I really don't really get Off into all that but anyway that's Basically the skinny on watermelon I Would try to consume that every day even If it's a seedless watermelon the thing That I had to learn is that the seedless Watermelon is not necessarily a GMO what It is is a hybrid a hybridization so It's a hybrid across okay it's not a GMO If you notice inside the watermelon There's some this will depend upon which Watermelon you get there are some like Little white seeds and all that kind of Stuff so if you don't have anything else Then you got a consult seedless Watermelon consult seedless watermelon Seedless by name but all in all you want To get the one with the black seeds There are people that consume the yellow Watermelon I personally have never done That in my life anyway I don't want to Run all this is the crown chakra Cochise To rock saw and we're just chopping it Up on what watermelon can do for you That most people don't know and why you Need to be consuming the watermelon Alright don't forget to share the video This is how we get the message out this Is the payment for the time that I spent Doing the videos get this out to the Family everybody don't know this stuff So we got to get this out like rate

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