Call Me Spell: Get *Anyone* to CALL YOU in 7 Minutes! (phone spell)

By | April 7, 2019

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Call Me Spell: Get *Anyone* to CALL YOU in 7 Minutes!

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Call me spell get anyone to call you in Seven minutes for this spell to work all You need is a sheet of white paper and a Pen four cloves of garlic and your cell Phone or laptop or tablet if you wish For a specific person to call you take The piece of white paper and write the Person's name you wish to call you then Place this piece of paper on a table Under your cell phone or even your Laptop if you are expecting an email Place a clove of garlic on the table at Each corner of the device say the name Of the person three times then quietly Whisper these words whilst looking at The Sun heart on this screen let the Element of air speed this foul in your Mind I will be it is me you will see you Will think to call me and so it will be By the power of three times three as I Will it so mote it be then meditate and Visualize the person picking up the Phone and calling you or sending you a Message Imagine what do you want this person to Tell you when they call if cast Correctly the person you want will call You within seven minutes hopefully this Simple but powerful spell works for you Blessed be and happy spell-casting [Music] For the ultimate in power start your Magical journey today by first clicking The subscribe button below and also the

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