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So you agree normal being pushed around We had the power we should do the Pushing deal deal huh what's one hey I I Know you have a problem using the video You don't want Stephie going to jail she Doesn't have to that's the beauty of as Long as we start getting some respect to Forrester I mean there's some people Kaleyam who gets served everything on a Silver platter while the rest of us Actually have to work for our success But that's what this video is for us our Way working our way up and as long as no One gets hurt why not use it why can't The underdogs get a chance you know I Thought if anyone could get through to Her it would be you so did I she's Blackmailing me she's holding this over My head the video it doesn't show what Really happened it doesn't even show That much and I mean if she goes to the Police about this I get the feeling she Expects you to What no if I go to the police it's to Turn IV in for blackmail as you can tell Her that what's going on Thomas wanted To keep me you paint oh yeah your your Portrait inspired me surprised me too Painting is fun if you have the time but If you want to impress me in the rest of Forrester you should probably focus on Your designs be think You I've actually been focusing plenty on my

Designs that's why I'm here Caroline It's been helping out will she do you Want to see them sure but yeah you're Not gonna tear them up are you I hope Not feel like I'm to blame here I mean I'll tell you one thing Ivy wouldn't be Blackmailing you if she and I were still Together hey you should feel relief not Guilt you escaped that's one way to look At it you know I don't even want to Think about this anymore we deserve a Night off yeah we do huh mmhmm yeah no Video no IV just us can make that happen You know what's so maddening about this Is that they honestly believe we're the Bad ones Liam thinks of himself as the Hero to everyone else's story I mean it Doesn't even occur to him that he could Actually be wrong in this situation I Know I mean he made promises to me and He spoke about all these commitments but Instead he comes back into town she Noticed my cousin and I'm the Disappointment he said that you you know It was in his town he's kept going on About how I've changed and I'm no longer The IV Forester he knew but you're not And that's a good thing because the IV He knew would just be happy to sit by And be second string to Steffi and just Wait for some scraps from him but the Girl the woman in front of me I'd Screwed over she's standing up for Herself and i gotta say i am so proud

Well he thinks it's because of you what He thinks that I because I've been Hanging around you that some of your Mother's qualities are rubbing off on me Really mm-hmm I mean he's not he's done Entirely wrong the Quinn pot yeah yeah But you know these these changes in me Does have a lot to do with you if There's a good changer or a bad change It used to have some sleeves right here But Caroline convinced me to lose those And the neckline was about an inch or Two higher so we dropped it in oh we can Drop it more if you think that so that's Designs you've ever seen huh and I put Him into production immediately well Then tell us it's definite improvement Yeah you're on the right track so does That mean doesn't mean anything I Haven't made a decision as to how you've Been to the company at all but it means You're one step closer to what you Really want she's a movie I think I Narrowed it down Bob Hope yeah oh it's Oh yes you to a quiet evening together Hmm together ooh who'da thought I know Right let that sink in for a minute cuz It didn't have to go this way we all Have our off days weeks months you know I don't think I ever really gave up on You come here you want Tom Alex Do you regret what we're doing here i Mean do you do do you think that I'm a

Bad influence on you nah no I mean do I Have a lot of regrets yeah but none of Them involve you I regret not figuring Out what kind of guy Liam was suna I Regret not being a better friend to Ali When when obviously she needed serious Help I mean there's a lot of things that I would do differently especially that Night but this changed that Liam sees Its necessary you know it's a matter of Survival it's a way that I can mourn Ali's death so you know what if Leah Wants to act disappointed and said that He doesn't know who I am anymore than so Would I'm a stronger person now because Of you good I'm glad you think so I like This fire in you extremely attractive And sexy and it drives me wild but a Weaker person might have just gone home Well I mean I can't lie and say I Haven't thought about it what would that Mean for Ali my memory if I just packed Up my bags and left vision we need be Leaving me a little with me huh Hey look You jerk about this that's kind of true I mean i thought i was in this loving Secure relationship with Liam little did I know I was just Steffi stand-in right You were there for me shoulder to cry on We will both fund if you were never Gonna find people like them again yuck Little did we realize what was standing Right in front of us I realize now You

Thanks dad what well thank you for at Least not tearing up my designs this Time you're welcome see I told they were Good she invested well I mean I just Seen definite growth and Thomas as a Designer and he really is trying to give It is all and I wanted to work out form For all of us I like your style Padre Hmm do you remember saying that to me in Aspen and you gave your best john wade In response well I'll tell y'all what go Grima gonna last so you like one of my Gala when brick what stop I'm done You're done I'm done three day I promise Oh my god thank you no seriously thank You for making me laugh and stop Thinking about everything that's Happening now you remind me that I have So much good in my life and I have so Much to look forward to I'm glad you stayed yeah me too i'm Excited to see my these guys can I ask You a question and I probably know the Answer to this but I have to ask it Anyway what's a Liam shows up a week or Two or a month from now and he says he's Done with stephie and he's just you know He's begging for a second chance what That Liam will never be done with Stephie that's what I've learned but Liam needs another girl waiting in the Wings yeah he does so must have been a Huge shock when I said I wasn't gonna Play that pot he's gonna have to go find

Someone else you just made my day you Know that okay yeah that's easy cute I Could do so much better than really yet Okay I retract my statement that kiss Just made my day but I can reevaluate my Answer depending on what's gonna happen Here oh are you hmmm what we might just Have to see what happen really good you Know you say that I helped change you But you did the same thing for me you Know how you helped me get out of the Shadow my brother I always I felt second Fiddle to him when it came to women or When it came to my father and others you You see the potential in Maine mm-hmm You're not looking over my shoulder Waiting for Liam to show up right right No god no geez I love your honesty yeah Just you're sweet you're loving you're Good you're genuine you know a lot of Qualities that I don't really possess Myself what can I it more money you are All those things what uh-hmm that's Right look Liam Liam took advantage of Your goodness but I I promise you I Won't do that i will appreciate it just Like I appreciate how you standing up For yourself and how you stood of rally What Liam did to you was wrong but it Gave you her voice and it gave you Self-confidence and i gotta say i find My sexy as a hell Oh yeah You

I realize I've got a long ways to go my Place on the force or design team that's Got to be earned and I want you to know That I get that I'm thankful for it oh It feels good to be earning my place Getting your respect through my work not Just my name happy to hear that hey I Want you to be the best designer you can Possibly be better than me after I'm Dead gone of course not now yeah I've Emma almost because he helped me get There both of you well I'm gonna head Back to the office now so yeah uh yeah You know I'm feeling inspired it good Times sketch well I'm very excited to See what you have brewing okay all right Show in the morning I can't wait Like this hmm me too I know I said I Didn't want to talk about this about a Lien an IV but no it just feels so good You know that you believe in me it feels So good of course I believe in you yeah But you heard what IV said and you saw The video I mean you could have easily Just walked away no walking away we are Both holding on and neither of us are Letting go at work You Yes sometimes I just I hmm what what's Just my son has started out so Differently you know I had this marriage With Liam out of convenience and now I'm Know I'm here with you are you moving up In the world is what you do indeed

Mm-hmm but not just with me you are the New face of Forrester yeah well thanks To your support yeah supposed of ever Felt I think seriously yeah you mean Besides your parents I mean no my debt I Love him I love my dad he's crazy he's In and out of this country he's always On an adventure yeah yeah I learned at a Very young age at I can't count on him What about your mom our mothers are very Different yeah I mean your mom likes Being extremely involved in your life Yeah but I mean how long have I lived Here in Los Angeles right it hasn't even Occurred to my mom to come and visit me And if it was it was getting time off Work or a money thing I'd understand but It's not okay I can't really blame her She's always been in her own world oh I Know what it's like to have a mother in Her own world trust me have you seen Quinn yeah yes you understand good but That just reiterates my point it's good That we found each other you know yeah Like kindred spirits yeah kindred Spirits they could be a force to be Reckoned with mm-hmm cuz we can do Anything together I mean it is good to Have some leverage third hmm yeah yeah Look what Ali could have done with her Life such a huge talent wasted you know I'm not gonna waste this video she would Want me to use it and defend her memory I can't just let her die in pain I you

Know you were right before when you were Saying that thing about the underdogs Deserving their chance I mean Ali wasn't On the dog too and if she was still here She would tell us to just do whatever it Takes for us to win take what we deserve From the emen Stephanie hmm You You You

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