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By | February 22, 2019

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Lemon is one of the fruits which is used by many people for weight loss if taken in the right amounts. It is better taken in the night when one is going to sleep or early in the morning especially on an empty stomach to get the best results because it increases absorption in the body and makes one full and therefore reducing on the amount of food intake. Within one week you start seeing changes in the body weight.
Get one medium sized lemon and cut it into small pieces. Add some little water (1 litre) and boil it for about ten minutes. Wait for the water to cool and drink the drained water. It also helps in the better blood flow in the body. Benefits of Lemon water include the following;
1. Lemon Water hydrates the body because of the water intake
2. Lemon Water boost immunity to prevent some illnesses like common colds or flue because of vitamin C in the lemon. However you should note due to the boiling it vitamin C is reduced in the boiled lemon. Therefore it is advisable to use it in warm water if the aim is solely for the vitamins in the lemon.
3. Increased body metabolism for the general being of our bodies.
4. Helps in weight loss because of more water intake which is better than other highly calorie drinks which make one gain a lot of weight. (Lemon water is a low calorie drink)
5. Boiled Lemon Water is easy to make and is more tasty than ordinary water.
6. It has properties that help improve the skin quality and also prevent formation of kidney stones in our bodies.
7. Lemon Water helps in the improvement of oral hygiene promotes good breath both due to the acidity nature of lemons and the increased water in take in the bodies.
8. Although lemon helps in the general weight loss. It might not be as effective as other routines in the decrease of stubborn belly fat. Other routines like exercises have to be applied to get the better desired effects. One should note that lemon is acidic and if you are sensitive to acidic foods or it should be diluted a lot as it has peels which might tend to increase the acidity. People with peptic ulcers should not take it or take it in moderation and not on an empty stomach.

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