BEST Sustanon 250 TRT Protocol

By | March 28, 2023

What’s the best Sustanon 250 TRT protocol?
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My doctor has prescribed me one Milliliters every 10 days system 250. in My country we are far away in trt Methods I am thinking to split the dose 0.33 milliliters every three and a half Days what are your thoughts Yes so In the UK for example most of my clients Use Sustanon because it is So much cheaper than cbna like like Ridiculously cheaper Um in Australia there was a period from I think it was 2018 where for about 18 Months So we typically use Prima testing which Is a nanthate Um that went out of stock by the sounds Of it someone forgot to order it in and Then no one fixed it so we all ran out Of an Anthem for like a year and a half Ridiculous so we all had to fall back on Sustanon because that was the only thing We had available so when we did that This was like you know before I was a Member of this channel before you know This kind of stuff was kind of knowledge So we were kind of still working out What to do with things so we all swapped From a nanthe testosterone and did the Exact same protocols and no one had any Issues whatsoever so what so you're Prescribed 175 milligrams per week so 250 every 10 days so I would be looking At Sustanon in the same way that you

Would be looking at cypionate or Enanthate which is two to three Injections per week the thing that I Will caveat though is that a decent Portion of Sustanon is both uh Propionate and fennel propionate which Are fast acting esters so Sustanon is Something that is going to you will Still get away with twice a week Injections absolutely but you are going To get more of a spike immediately Post-injection than you would with Something like a nanthae Um so guys who do Sustanon often do Better injecting more frequently than Something like a nanthate or cypionate Is it needed no plenty of guys do just Fine doing a twice a week protocol like What you've mentioned but if you notice A big variance you know day of day after Injection versus day before injection I Would looking at do I would look at Doing you know three times a week every Other day or even daily injections and Then what you can do is you can take That glass ampule of Sustanon that you Get and you can just transfer them into Like a sterile vial and then you can Just draw it inject daily or every other Day Um or twice weekly with insulin syringes Foreign [Music]

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