Benefits of banana milk shakes | Double your body energies | How to prepare it.

By | February 3, 2019

The benefits of bananas include being high in fibre, help to ease digestion,high source of potassium,vitamin B6, high in energy,has magnesium, it has chemicals that help to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure,relaxes the muscles. It is also a world popular fruit. Coupled with milk and honey,which are also foods known for high energy content, if taken it boosts your energy and acts as your natural homemade viagra to improve your s£x life and last long in bed. Cut a banana into pieces and add some fresh milk and blend it. Add two spoons of honey and drink a glass or half a glass. It can be taken everyday or regularly as you wish. However if you have no blender you can just drink your fresh milk coupled with eating your bananas at the same time. You will get the same results.

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How to make banana milkshake for male Manpower get a banana if it's a a big Banana we need like one if they're Medium we need like two but these ones I Used three because there was more Bananas wash them after that you peel Them like you see there after peeling Them you cut them into small pieces and Place them into a blender so now I'm Trying to peel them then after that I Will chop them into small pieces You see there after that you put them Into a blender and even add that add Medic You can add some two spoons of honey as Well immediately but for me I put it After I've just blended them yeah you See they are now putting it into a Blender then I will add milk then I Blend that mixture will give your man Old As a man it will give you more energy Because this is a high-energy food it Will help you they will help the blood Flow and you will last long in bed you Can take one glass every day or as you Want you can take it as average every Does it drink all you can take it a few Hours to go to bed with your loved one Yeah you see so now I've blended it that Is the banana milkshake to really help You as a man it is not via great say Natural viagra and you see bananas Banana a banana is a communal fruit is

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