Banana Peel Fertilizer | Natural Liquid Compost for Plants

By | December 10, 2021

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Banana Peel fertiliser is one of the easiest compost to make for plants like aloe vera, and flowers like roses.
Cut the banana peels into small pieces and place them in a container add water and cover the container. place it away from sunlight in a shade for about a week. Then drain the water and apply to your plants to aid rooting, blooming and good natural growth of plants like tomatoes, cabbages, aloe vera, flowers, etc…

How to make banana peels fertilizer Basically get your ripe bananas their Bananas Chop them into small pieces like you see There Make them Smaller Make sure that you've chopped them into Small pieces Like you see there today you can need Like four bananas or five depending on The amount you want to make and the Amount where you're going to apply it So chop them into small pieces like you See There After that you added them to you put Them into a container Container It depends the container actually should Be Uh be able to [Music] Contain 2003 So this one is more than 2 liters After that add some water you can fill It up with water all have but it's Better to fill it up with the water Like you see there You add The water Up Until when it is fitted up like you see That then it cover

And you keep it for a week Within one week Our liquid fertilizer will be ready Yeah so that is the fertilizer That is our liquid fertilizer we've kept It for a week That is it there so now we are going to Apply it on plants it's good for plants Because You irrigate And again the plant is able to get Nutrients fertilizers Better nutrients for better growth for Better plant growth it's normally used In home gardening if you don't have a Big garden you have small plants like Roses flowers Uh onions Things like that hormone gardening And you can find this space it's better To use this For the food for the The liquid fertilizer like you see there So now I'm applying it on spring onions Yeah thank you please subscribe

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