Avocado and Banana Smoothie | Drink to Power You Up, Good Eyesight, Lose Weight and Skin Glow

By | May 18, 2021

Avocado has many vitamins like B6 which are so good for the body. It has potassium so good for the body, good for hydration it has fatty acids, lowers cholesterol,easy to eat, avocado helps to lose weight, protects the eyes, it pores you up, good for heart, it’s fun to eat, and also good for brain. It is better than banana.

Bananas have vitamins which are so good for the body, help in weight loss, bananas have fibre to help in digestion, healthy food, high in energy, hydration for the body, bananas are good for the eyes, they have antioxidants, helps to have a good skin like glowing skin.

Peel avocado and cut into small pieces (normally Half an avocado for one litre of water) Cut half a banana and also cut into small pieces ( for the banana depends on size, if big use 1/4 of a banana). Put both in a blender and add water. After blending put in glass or bowl and serve. You ca refrigerate for a few days and use it depending on its taste after refrigerating it.
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How to make avocado juice with banana Cut your hair this one here Then chop it into smaller pieces so now I'm whipping off the skin Yeah like you see then You cut it into smaller pieces Two smaller pieces We need like one glass i'll make one Like one glass of the juice Yeah then the banana put a Small piece of the banana small because You don't need a lot Yeah small piece so this would be enough Of the juice put it inside There a little bit Because the banana is so thick it has a Little bit of energy Yeah that is enough The juice is here Then you put these pieces Into the Some of the advantages of avocado and Banana juice is that it Has a lot of enough if it's in a Combination it has a lot of energy It's also good for the skin if you have Problems with your skin It rejuvenates the skin to look more Younger It has a lot of fiber i buff To help you in digestion so it solves The problem of indigestion So so energy has a lot of energy it's an Antioxidant

There are many benefits so if you take It in combination You are better off yeah so That is a combination there so now i'm Going to do that Yeah and she doesn't need straining now This is the mixture that i've made Yeah that is the juice so This is the fine grease banana and Avocado so smooth So nice this is the final juice thank You it's so easy to make so it's very Easy You should also try it

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