Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Drink | Anti-inflammatory Power Drink

By | June 17, 2018

In this video, I share with you my apple cider vinegar morning drink.

This apple cider vinegar drink is anti-inflammatory. So if you are looking to lower inflammation this drink will help with that!

I use warm water and a BPA free straw to drink so I don’t hurt the enamel of my teeth.

Some benefits:
Apple Cider Vinegar
* Reduces Inflammation

* Contains curcumin which reduces inflammation

Black pepper
* boost the absorption of curcumin

* Full of antioxidant
* Anti-inflammatory
* Adds to the taste

Raw Organic Honey (optional)
* Helps the bitter taste of ACV
* Is anti-viral and anti-fungal
* Contains powerful antioxidants

Stevia Select (optional)
* Help the drink taste sweeter

2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1/8 tsp Black Pepper
Pinch of Cinamon

1 TBSP Raw Organic Honey
Or A Pinch of Stevia to sweeten

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Hey Jordan bench here Jordan Metacom in This video I want to share with you a Great apple cider vinegar morning drink Now this drink this recipe I'm going to Show you is probably the recipe that I Use most often when doing apple cider Vinegar and the reason why I do it is Because of one ingredient that really Helps with inflammation now this entire Drink is gonna help with overall Inflammation but mainly it's one Ingredient that's really gonna help out Now if you're someone that deals with Inflammation in your body like for Instance if you wake up in the morning And you just feel like that joint pain Is kind of hard to get going because of Maybe the aches and pains that you feel Well more likely that's inflammation That you're feeling but inflammation can Occur in several different areas of your Body a lot of it has to do with say Stress or things that were eating or Foods that were eating things that can Cause damage to our body in several Different areas all those things can Begin to cause inflammation and the more And more information we have we begin to See all these different like side Effects in our body that causes problems So if we can lower inflammation we're Going to be so much better off we're Gonna feel better we're gonna do so much Better especially in the morning because

If you get this drink going on first Thing in the morning and use the end up Feeling better then your whole day is Going get so much better So let me go ahead and show you like What we have here umm I have several Different ingredients but really the Whole idea is that all these ingredients Kind of work together they do help with Taste too because apple cider vinegar Sometimes has a hard taste for some People to get used to but a lot of these Ingredients do help with inflammation All together so obviously the first one We have is apple cider vinegar in a Facade of veneer it will help reduce Inflammation and I have right in here I Have about two tablespoons of apple Cider vinegar so I'm gonna go ahead and Pour that into my water there's two Tablespoons of that and I you can see a Kettle back here so a lot of times I do Heat my water up in the kettle instead Of a microwave because sometimes the Microwave can cause some issues but Honestly you don't really need to be Like too much of a stickler over it Unless you're like you're extremely Concerned about you know certain health Issues that it may have but I like to Make sure that my water is warm whenever I do this drink or typically anytime I Do have cider vinegar I like To make sure I have warm water so the

Next ingredient this is really like the The main ingredient that that it's all About this is called turmeric now Turmeric is really good because it Contains curcumin and curcumin is the Main thing that's going to help reduce The inflammation so right here I have About half of a teaspoon now honestly You can do you can do less than that you Can do more than that it's really up to You A lot of times I don't even measure it I Just I just take this thing and I just Start dashing into where I feel like It's a good amount so I'll go ahead and Add that into the mix there we go it's a Nice bright yellow there we go PU see That all right so that's tumeric like I Said turmeric is the main ingredient That we're doing to reduce the Inflammation okay now the next one we Have this is black pepper now you may May be wondering why am i adding black Pepper to this drink that sounds a Little that sounds a little weird adding Black pepper to that but see black Pepper is going to help boost the Absorption of the curcumin in the body So for instance because we're using the Tumeric and it contains curcumin the Black pepper is going to help absorb That so without it you're gonna have a Harder time absorbing it but with it It's really going to increase it now as

Far as taste goes I don't really notice A huge difference in taste so don't Really get too concerned about that also I'm doing about an eighth of a teaspoon As far as the black pepper goes you Don't even have to do an eight you can Do way less if you want if you are Concerned about the taste you can Actually just do a pinch and actually That pinch is gonna help out absorb Being there curcumin more than not Having it so you can go ahead and factor That and if you want okay so the next Ingredient I have is cinnamon and I've Done seven in some other drinks but Cinnamon is actually really gonna help Out with the taste I don't measure this I just here we go I just kind of throw it in there um I Don't measure it I don't really pay too Close attention to how much I'm adding But the cinnamon it contains a lot of Antioxidants and it's anti-inflammatory As well so that's one of the reasons why I add the cinnamon but mainly for the Taste now The next ingredient these two things are Optional this is just going to help out With the sweetness so if you're someone That you cannot tolerate apple cider Vinegar like it is just too bitter for You you don't like the taste of it then I would recommend adding one of these Two ingredients so the first one I have

The first one I have is just this Wildflower honey and it's organic now I'm gonna do about a tablespoon of this I'm just gonna kind of eyeball it up so You can see it yep so right about there I'm not doing a whole lot I'm just doing A little bit but what that's gonna do What that honey is gonna do is it's Gonna help better the taste of the apple Cider vinegar because like I said a lot Of times it does taste a little bit Bitter so it's gonna help with that Let's see here and also what its gonna Do is its antiviral and its antifungal And it contains some powerful Antioxidants so you are getting some Health benefits with having the honey as Well but like I said mainly I do it for The taste if you're someone that really Has a hard time with it for the most Part no I don't really add honey because I can I can tolerate the taste of it now I'm not gonna add this tonight drinks Already have the honey but if you wanted To you could add a pinch of stevia Alright so stevia is natural you're not Gonna have any problems with it But it is gonna add a little bit of Sweetness to your drink but if you do Add it I would just add a very very Minor amount I want to do a lot because This stuff goes a long way and if you Overdo it it's just gonna be way too Sweet and you're not gonna like it so I

Always start off I was starting off Small mix all the ingredients and see What it tastes like and then after you Get a good taste of it if you want to Add more than add more alright so I have My drink here I'm using a BPA free straw And I use a straw just so that the apple Cider vinegar doesn't do any damage to My enamel of my teeth I mix this all up This nice orange drink Look all right and I'll go ahead and Give this a taste yep and it's Completely fine you will taste a slight Bitterness just because of the upside Vinegar but really it's really it really Doesn't taste that bad a lot of apple Cider vinegar like drinks I mean that They are pretty rough it is something You really have to get used to and I Will say if you can just you know stick It out you try it for a week just get Used to drinking apple cider vinegar and Yeah maybe you have to add honey or Maybe yet to have stevia do or if you Got to do just to start drinking it and But that's gonna help out in the long Run and you begin to like get adapted to The taste and it doesn't you know it's Not that big of a deal so for me I've Been drinking apple cider vinegar for a Long time I'm used to taste it doesn't Bother me but I know for some people in Light so anyways I hope you liked this Recipe I hope you like this video if you

Did go ahead and give it a like give it A thumbs up if you have any questions For me about this recipe about this Drink or if you have any other questions On any other drinks you'd like to see me To do or any other recipes listed me to Do go ahead and comment that below and Go ahead subscribe to my channel if you Haven't already and I will see you in The next video

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