Androgen Receptor Expression on TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

By | April 23, 2023

Dave Lee discusses his views on the upregulation and downregulation of the androgen receptors in men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).
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Can you share your knowledge and your View on Androgen receptors their up and Down regulation on trt is that a dose Dependent thing Yeah good question so I often explain to People with the analogy of like a I guess we call them an old-fashioned Now but a pinball machine is that if the Ball is flying around the pinball table You don't get any points until it hits The bumpers so I visualize testosterone As the ball so you can have a whole Bunch of balls flying around the table But they don't do you any good until They're hitting the bumpers and doing Things testosterone is not doing Literally anything until it binds to an Antigen receptor so antigen receptor Availability is just as important as how Much testosterone you have in the body The problem is we can't do a blood test To go what's your Androgen receptor Levels but we can use things to kind of Guess and determine these things so when We and this is one of the reasons why You know if you've been in the group or You've watched the other videos you know Justin Jordan Gill Jeffrey dunny everyone has been Saying basically the same thing which is Your free testosterone level what level You need versus what level he needs Versus what level I need versus what Level Stephen needs is all going to be

Different and one of the factors that's Based on is your Androgen receptor Expression now some of this is going to Be genetic in terms of set in stone and Some of it's also going to be epigenetic In terms of how your genes are Expressing based on your current state Of health what you're doing and what You've been doing for a while so things That are going to help with angin Receptor expression in my opinion uh Levels of fat soluble vitamins so Vitamins a e d and k Um as well as body fat percentage Metabolic health and visceral fat I Believe that those things are going to Be what dictates how well you respond to Your testosterone treatment based on What I've observed so the vitamins AED And K you can Google you know all of Those plus Androgen receptor as well as Estrogen receptor expression and you can See that all of them have slightly Different mechanisms around that it's One of the reasons why you know eating Liver is great getting Sunshine is great Um you're getting your vitamin K up Whether it's via supplements or Fermented foods it's great all of those Things are really important eggs super Food for testosterone egg yolks red meat All these things very rich in fat Soluble nutrition Um these are going to be things that are

Going to impact how your Androgen Receptors Express and also lo and behold How you subjectively respond to your trt Treatment now I don't think based on What I've seen in the research and I'm Sure that I haven't read every single Piece of research on this but from what I've seen and from what other people Have also echoed is that in response to Bio-identical testosterone physiological Doses Androgen receptors don't down Regulate a lot of receptors like let's Say certain types of dopamine receptors Actually upregulate in response to Agonism not down regulated so while some Dopamine receptors will down regulate Some will actually upregulate same with Some serotonin receptors as well and What the literature shows from what I've Read is that the antigen receptors will Upregulate in response to androgens not Down regulate now if you're blasting Them with androgenic anabolic steroids Or hormonal analogues or if you're using A massive suprophysiological dose of Testosterone that may not be the case But in the context of trt it seems that They up regulate not down regulate and I Think that this is one of the reasons Why testosterone therapy improves in Results as the months and years go on Not just weeks so I think that's one of The reasons why we get a Long-term Improvement in symptoms is up

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