African Aphrodisiac Drink: Homemade Tigernut Milk Sugar Free

By | April 28, 2020

Homemade tigernut sugar free Nigeria aphrodisiac tigernut coconut and date

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Was Bank and these is for me okay [Music] Hi everyone welcome back to my channel So today I'm going to be preparing Tiger Not Mik which is lipid Oh Basta so are you are going to prepare This lipid or basta you are going to Need some depth This is dead and this is coconut I have coconut here already wash and Slide and this is my tiger note you can See it is fresh he used to be like this I bought it this way is like this dried One this is the way it is before I is Soaked it so when I bought it it was Like this I brought out so much of the Tiger not I washed it properly then soak It I kept it in my fridge for three days But I was always changing the water when You are going to prepare it after Washing it Always wash it and change the water Every day so you can see how fresh it is Now you can see so this is after three Days of soaking it I didn't keep it in the container and Just leave it like that I just kept it In my fridge if you leave it just like That without keeping it in your fridge Is going to start fermenting and is not Good so you have to keep it in your Fridge and also always change the water So now I have already cut my coconut This is it this dy cut it to tiny pieces

You need dried coconut guys this way you Do it Give it to your mom if you are the did You have the kind of mother that is not Good in performance you understand this Is so married people please it is a Married couple so if your husband is not Performing well this you are going to Prepare it for him also you you also Need it to increase your you understand What I mean to increase it and give it To your man prepare it and give it to Him to have that first that strength to Do you last time so this is the debt I Just remove this seed because you can't Grant it with the seed the seed is so Strong when your blender hits this seed Is going to spoil so this is it now I'm Going to pour everything into my into my Blender I'm going to be pouring Everything into my blender then I'll add Some how much yeah I have ginger sorry Guys I didn't tell you guys you need Ginger in this movie we are going to do This toggle mode milk is not smoothie Toggle not make you need ginger you are Ginger a little American see the ginger I have here just tell it you are much Then I went to a party [Music] My tiger not now it will be blender [Music] [Applause] They sure are everything if your blade

Is strong enough to carry the old Juggernaut and eco cannot put everything Inside but it is not strong enough you Can just blend it twice so this is the Death I add everything inside we don't Need any other team to prepare this Tiger not is just what I have here is Just this but I have here so how words On my matter of water so that I can be Able to blend it to not test you [Music] You Oh after blending it and I will not Transfer it to a bigger bowl you can see The smooth texture everything that I put Inside the blender just not they are all Here so I'm going to be racing this just No mass of water so we sit I don't Really need too much water so now the Nesting is for me I'm at Abdul which I'm Going to transfer to make a clean up a Clean Bowl we are going to transfer the Mickey to this board so this is my Shiva You can use the white chiffon you can Use any color so far it is a clean ship Phone I also use bleach to wash this This morning before using it so just Make sure you put your chiffon on top This way this way you can see you can See guys just put it on top this way and The nesting you turn your mixture into The ship phone so after turning it gets The ship phone grab it this way and Press it properly

My hand is clean I wash my hand before Doing this make sure you wash your hand Or use blue and blue so just make sure You press it properly the city make is Turning out They are pouring out this is it these Are going to achieve your tie-down knots Me guys I'm so happy preparing this I'm So so so happy to prepare this is it can See they make C so I also do repeat the Same step so the remaining you consider Many yet I will repeat the same step First of one will to take away this Shaft but I'm not going to throw it away You can use this shaft for so many Things I'm going to be keeping this Shaft so this is the last one I'm going To repeat the same step the same way I Did to the first one I'm going to repeat The same step till am done It's all You can see winter repeat the same step This is your tiger not okay now this is The last one and this is the shaft – you Can see now I'm going to remove the Remaining shaft I'm not going to be Trained it away this is not a waste Going to be put in then here then I will Keep this you mind catching to dry I'm Going to be using it on a nothing So my next item now is to get it clean Bottle a clear bottle water this is my Claim boat so what I'm going to be Tony Not water because I'm transferring the

The tiger not me this is it I'm going to Transfer the Mick into this so I'm going To transfer it not into the container [Applause] You can see this is it And that container so I'll cover this And keep this in my freezer you can keep It in your freezer you can keep it in Your fridge but you serve this why it is Cold what it is very cold you can keep It in your fridge that will be cold or In your fridge you can see this is so Healthy and it's full of protein Okay my next item that is to get my cup And pour the remaining from I and my Husband so this is it guys I'm pouring It into the cup now you can see this is What my husband and this is for me okay So this is it When you want to do that your last and This is for married women married men if You know you have low libido just Prepare this for yourself you are going To see a music change and if your ma Performance is so weak it's so low Prepare this for him guys and come back And give your testimony for me I'm taking my right away hmm you can see Oh just want to pay us guys going Grab your C so hey C going grab it okay See you in my next video if you have Been watching my video since and you Have not subscribed kindly subscribe and Also taught all your bed

Nutrition okay see you in my next one [Music]

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