9 Erection Boosting Foods | Increase Blood Flow To Penis Naturally

By | June 5, 2019

For better erections & overcoming erectile dysfunction what you eat daily has a huge effect on the strength and quality of your erections and sexual performance. Below are the foods you should add to your ”Grown Man” grocery list or put into your phone so that it becomes a part of your life…

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– Pomegranate
– Arugula
– Kale
– Spinach
– Watermelon
– Walnuts
– Beet juice
– Garlic
– Oranges

Pomegranate has a massive amount of research proving that it can improve cardiovascular health. This ability to improve cardiovascular health and reduce blood pressure is because its compounds help boost nitric oxide and blood flow in the body.

The reason arugula is so powerful as a nitric oxide booster is because it contains more nitrates than any other vegetable out there.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan but still want the benefits that Co-enzyme Q10 has on nitric oxide production then Kale is something you want to have handy in the kitchen. Kale contains a good amount of Co-enzyme Q10 and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat.

Spinach provides a good amount of nitrates and is a great food for men to eat. A study was done at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm that showed that adding nitrates to men’s diet resulted in muscles becoming more stronger and efficient.

Sometimes called natures viagra, watermelon contains an abundant amount of L-Citrulline which is then converted into Nitric Oxide in the body. This ability of watermelon to raise nitric oxide has been proven in numerous studies.

Walnuts provide the body with a large dose of the amino acid L-Arginine and one of the key functions of L-Arginine is to convert into nitric oxide.

Beet Juice
The reason that we want to be consuming beet juice is that firstly beets are known to increase nitric oxide but secondly, they also help to lower estrogen by acting as a methylator. And anything that lowers estrogen levels in the body will also increase testosterone production.

Oranges improve the production of nitric oxide in the body because of the high amounts of Vitamin C they contain. Vitamin C protects nitric oxide from being attacked by free radicals thereby keeping nitric oxide levels high.

Lastly on the list is garlic. The reason garlic’s so powerful is that it has been proven to increase nitric oxide synthase activity. It also helps the arteries create a substance called hydrogen sulfide which helps promote blood flow in the body.

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Hey if you are having issues with Erectile dysfunction or just having a Unreliable erections what i’m going to Do for you right now is give you that Grown man’s Grocery list we’re talking about nine Foods that you should be eating Consistently to help you with your Erections Hey my name is brian aka uncle b and for The last 20 years i’ve been the sexual Performance coach With african flag the liquid aphrodisiac And during that time I’ve talked to a whole bunch of guys Done research written articles written Books And a lot of things that people assume About erections They don’t think about the foods that They’re eating and of course the foods Affect you more than just about Anything else so you need to have the Right foods and Eat them consistently like i just said Specifically what we’re going to talk About today is These foods and how they affect your Nitric Oxide nitric oxide for my guys who go to The gym have Take these different supplements you Don’t need your supplements just eat the Food

Um nitric oxide increases blood flow Throughout your body And of course that’s very helpful for uh Erections because that’s really what an Erection is an increase of blood flow Into the penis as always if you like What you hear go ahead and subscribe hit The like button hit the notification Bell And of course comment we want to hear From you with that said let me go ahead And break this down till it cannot be Broken anymore [Music] All right let’s hop into really quick Nitric oxide and what nitric oxide does It helps With your cardiovascular system we’re Talking about blood flow And with better blood flow you’re Getting more blood to the different Organs In terms of getting oxygen and the blood That it needs to nourish those organs You know we’re talking about everything We’re talking about your liver your Kidneys And of course your your penis so nitric Oxide is important for that it’s also Important for your Overall health because it helps prevents Heart attacks And strokes because you’re talking about Blood flow that’s getting blocked by

Blood clots So with nitric oxide you’re making sure You keep your system clean Blood is flowing freely and remember That the Veins in your penis are the smallest in Your body so you need to have As much blood flow going in there and Nourishing your penis As possible and as a bonus the great Thing is it also lowers your blood Pressure so If you’re on blood pressure medication Get off the medication Get onto these foods and so with that Said let’s go ahead and hop into What those foods are and number one Is pomegranates those little red things Sort of crunchy Yeah pomegranates are great for Increasing nitric oxide In your body and therefore your blood Flow so you definitely want to get Pomegranates into your diet And number two is arugula you know Arugula salads Arugula is great because it has more Nitrates than any other Vegetable so those nitrates turn into Nitric oxide in your system And gets that blood flowing kale kale is Just great because It is one of the most nutrient dense Vegetables that are out there you’ve

Probably heard a lot about kale Kale is great for your body just overall Period but Of course it’s going to help with the Nitric oxide and that blood flow And let’s go ahead with popeye the Sailor man we’re talking about that Spinach You want to get that spinach in your System because not only does it help With the nitric oxide It helps your muscles become stronger And more efficient And when you’re having sex that’s pretty Important so yeah get that spinach into Your diet water meta is sometimes called Nature’s viagra well really what it does Is it contains L-citrulline which is then converted in The body into Nitric oxide so it’s a great thing i Never really liked watermelons but as Soon as i heard this i was like well Okay It’s going into the diet so let’s go Ahead and get that in there for you too All right and the next one on the list Is walnuts walnuts contains a Large amount of the amino acid L-arginine For my weightlifting guys out there they Probably heard about those got a lot of Supplements out there for that and just Go natural

Just get the walnuts that’s going to Help you out one quick thing though For my fellas we’re trying to mainta uh Maintain or lose weight Don’t go overboard with any of the nuts Out there because you know though it’s Healthier for you If you go overboard you can uh increases Your your calories and things like that You know you don’t need to go overboard With the walnuts but they Are great for helping you out especially With your nitric oxide and the blood Flow And beet juice Beet juice is my thing i just show beat Juice helps increase your performance by 18 And that’s a lot you know if you’re Bench pressing 100 pounds and you Throwing on the extra 18 pounds That’s significant and i’m not saying That’s exactly how it works but Uh i do kickboxing and i can tell the Difference between When i’ve had beet juice and when i Don’t have beet juice With beet juice other people in the Class are getting worn out me i’m still Rolling strong Because the beet juice is giving me that 18 boost so Definitely get that into your diet a Couple of things though beet juice

Strong taste i mean i used to juice it Myself now i just go to the store they Have it in jars You want to get the actual beet juice They have some beet juice powders i’m Not too Impressed with those you should be aware That When you go to the bathroom your stool Is going to be Red yeah uh it’ll catch you off guard if You aren’t ready for it and your urine Is some some of the urine can be uh red Too it’s that Powerful inside of your body i actually Now get the Uh beet juice with a little bit of lemon Inside of it because it cuts the taste You know beet juice just has the taste Of it And you don’t need to drink a lot of it Just get a swig of it you know i’ll get A jar about this big And just slowly throughout the week just Once once a day about this much quick Glass of it Boom i got that energy i need for my Classes and one of the other things that Beet juice also does Is it lowers estrogen levels and if You’re lowering estrogen levels then You’re increasing Testosterone levels so that is another Good benefit

Of beet juice and the last two things on This list i do in combination because This combination is really powerful And it actually makes it easier to go Down i didn’t come up with this just did The research and It makes sense garlic and oranges garlic Is proven to increase nitric oxide Synthesis activity Oranges contain of course that high Amount of vitamin c And the vitamin c helps protect nitric Oxide In your system so that combination is Really Powerful and what i actually do to uh Eat the garlic because if you’ve ever Had garlic by itself is Just overwhelmingly powerful what i do Is i actually just cut them Cut the garlic up into the small little Small little slices i should say And just actually put them inside the Orange slices And eat them that way because uh that Combination the oranges Just make sure that the the garlic isn’t Overpowering to the point you Almost can’t really tell it’s there i Mean you could tell because of the you Know Little crunch that you get from the Garlic but uh hey It’s so worth it so definitely do that

Those are the nine foods that you should Have uh go ahead and put it into your Phone you know if you got a A task list or something like that we Can store it in your phone so while You’re shopping you just pull it out If you have somebody else’s doing the Shopping for you make sure they get it It is so Worth it it makes a huge difference and Even better are just the results we’re Talking about you know Just uh as far as your sexual Performance you’re hanging lower You ejaculate more you have more water In your system all of these are Water-based fruits and vegetables so you Have more of that in your system And your refractory period is short your Refractory period the time from Ejaculation To when you get back up with that there You know Your your performance is just overall so Much Better so it’s so worth it to get these Nine foods into your system we’ll have Those listed down below Uh to make sure you get that information And with that said For the next video i’m going to be Talking about well i broke just gave you The Gave you those and what i’m going to do

In the next video is just break it down We’re going to get into the the thought Processes behind why these fruits and Vegetables are so powerful It’s not just a nitric oxide and some Other things that you should be Aware of when it comes to your diet And as always if you like what you heard Make sure you hit the subscribe button Uh hit the notification bell uh hit the Like button hey i appreciate you for Stopping by and listening Also if you have any questions or Comments leave those below and of course The question of the day is Are you going to do it what fruits and Vegetables Will work for you what things are you Looking to get And if you have any other fruits and Vegetables that you’ve come across That have helped you out let us know in The comment section below there’s always More Information out there it’s important to Share so once again this is uncle b Saying peace out [Music] You

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