8 Powerful Ways To LOWER CORTISOL Naturally

By | April 10, 2023

8 powerful ways to lower cortisol naturally.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone made by your adrenal glands, that allows your body to adapt to stress.

Unfortunately billions of people have chronically high levels of cortisol which can cause problems in the body like unexplained high blood pressure, belly fat formation, muscle weakness, anxiety, immunodeficiencies and acid reflux amongst many others.

In this video we will be exploring 8 powerful ways to lower cortisol by changing diet and lifestyle measures such as taking L-theanine as a supplement, eating more magnesium rich foods, raising oxygen levels via gentle exercise, using aromatherapy, adaptogens and more.

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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Is Cortisol
⏰ 00:16 – Symptoms Of High Cortisol
⏰ 01:18 – 1. L-Theanine
⏰ 02:08 – 2. Magnesium Foods
⏰ 02:57 – 3. Raise Oxygen Levels
⏰ 04:05 – 4. Vitamin B1 & B5
⏰ 04:58 – 5. 4:6 Breathing
⏰ 05:59 – 6. Aromatherapy
⏰ 06:35 – 7. Quit Snacking
⏰ 07:20 – 8. Adaptogens
⏰ 08:07 – Extra Tips To Lower Cortisol.


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Eight powerful ways to lower your Cortisol naturally billions of people Worldwide have high levels of a stress Hormone called cortisol unfortunately Having too much of this cortisol in your Body can trigger a great range of Different health problems such as Unexplained high blood pressure the Formation of loose belly fat that hangs Over the front muscle weakness Especially in the legs and buttocks you May wake up between 2 to 3 am struggling To sleep and overthinking High cortisol Can weaken your immune system making you More prone to illness it can trigger Acid reflux and heartburn and many other Problems that I talked about in my Previous video called Eight signs you Have high cortisol now if cortisol is High and it's left unchecked it can lead To some dangerous health conditions like Heart disease type 2 diabetes and a Higher risk of infection from viruses Fortunately however there are some Simple ways that you can lower your Cortisol naturally to take the strain Off your body and that's exactly what we Will talk about in today's video just a Quick reminder this video is for Educational purposes only so do speak to Your doctor if you have any medical or Mental health concerns the first item on My list which is very powerful for Lowering cortisol is l-theanine if you

Wish you can take 200 milligrams of L-theanine twice per day to help relax Your nervous system and naturally lower Cortisol this is an amino acid found in Green tea which helps to lower your Heart rate when you're stressed and it Also makes you feel calm steady and Focused this new nutrient easily crosses The blood-brain barrier within 30 to 45 Minutes after taking it you can also get This in a gum that can be chewed or a Mint that helps to give you focus Some People prefer to take this in the Morning on an empty stomach to replace Caffeinated drinks as it helps you to Wake up without causing irritability in The Jitters that you get from coffee Number two is magnesium-rich Foods when Your cortisol levels are high your body Is locked into a state which we call the Fight or flight this keeps your muscles Very tense especially around your neck And shoulders as it's a kind of reflex To stress the body's way of guarding Itself against injury to naturally ease This tension you want to start eating Foods that are naturally rich in Magnesium more often such as leafy green Vegetables avocados sunflower seeds Extra virgin olive oil and sugar-free Dark chocolate are also rich in Magnesium this calming mineral is Essential and it's needed to help relax Your muscles reduce tightness spasms and

Restlessness that occurs when your Cortisol levels are high the third way To lower cortisol is to raise your Oxygen levels when cortisol is high your Nervous system is in this state of Alertness and it's making you very Sensitive to triggers for example you May find that people annoy you more your Blood pressure may increase and this can Put a strain on your heart long term Which is why doctors often relate stress To heart disease so to counter this Start raising your oxygen levels by Taking long gentle walks in nature for At least 45 minutes each day this form Of low intensity exercise helps to Reduce cortisol and turn off the fight Or flight reaction by boosting your Oxygen levels you'll also find that Sunlight Expo closure produces more Vitamin D in your body which will help To lower inflammation and calm the Adrenal glands so that they release less Cortisol if you're finding this Information helpful at all please hit The like subscribe and turn all Notifications on to stay updated with my Latest health and nutrition tips Now number four is vitamin B1 and B5 When it comes to vitamins B1 and B5 are Two of the most powerful for lowering Cortisol and relaxing the nervous system The best natural source of these is Unfortified nutritional yeast so eat at

Least two to three tablespoons of Nutritional yeast mixed in yogurt soups Stir fries or simply sprinkle it over Your salad within just five to ten Minutes you may feel yourself relaxing And calming down as the rest and digest Part of your nervous system kicks in Eating Garlic can also Supply Alethiamine another powerful version of B1 which enhances your mood supports Neurotransmission in your brain lifts Brain fog and helps to quickly reduce The need for cortisol in your body Number five is the four to six breathing Technique sit in a comfortable chair or Lay down and breathe in gently to a Count of four and then out to a count of Six do this gently for just a few Minutes each day the longer exhalation Stimulates your diaphragm this is the Muscle below your lungs which can reboot The signal to the brain telling it to Turn off the fight or flight response You see when you're stressed you tend to Breathe more rapidly and more shallow by Slowing your breathing down your brain Knows that it's safe to turn off its Stress reaction by the way I'll be Sharing some links below the video to my Favorite supplements to reduce cortisol And also some cortisol testing kits if You're looking for more resources now Number six is often overlooked but it's Very powerful aromatherapy I recommend

Investing in some high quality essential Oils to promote relaxation of the body And ease the nervous system lavender Frankincense Bergamot ylang Are some of my personal favorites which Each contain active ingredients that Have been shown to lower cortisol you Can place a few drops of your chosen oil Into a little coconut oil and massage This into your temples studies show that The active ingredients within essential Oils penetrate the skin and help to Balance out hormones throughout the body Gently inhaling these Aromas by using a Room diffuser or an oil burner can also Help to make you feel peaceful and get Your body out of the stress mode Point Number seven is quit snacking snacking Throughout the day continuously triggers Another hormone called insulin which is There to help control your blood sugars Over time however this repeated habit Can cause insulin resistance which can Cause your brain cells to starve of Energy putting your body into the stress Mode instead of snacking it's Recommended to start eating two solid Meals per day day adding some healthy Fats to boost satiety and to keep you Feeling full avocados grass-fed butter Brazil nuts almonds virgin coconut oil And oily fish can all help to keep you Feeling full and reduce the need for Cortisol in your body and finally number

Eight is adaptogens there are many Different herbs and spices used Throughout the world that are classified As adaptogens basically adaptogens help Your body adapt to stress including Emotional stress and physical stress From exercise or an injury getting more Adaptions helps your body adjust and Respond to the changing conditions of Life so it naturally lowers the need for Cortisol in your body and calms your Adrenal glands down ashwagandha and Rhodiola are two amazing herbs which you Can get in the form of a supplement I Also recommend drinking lemon balm Hibiscus chamomile or butterfly pea Flower teas to help keep your cortisol Levels in check as you can see there are Many active ways to lower cortisol Naturally in your body so try out a Mixture of these and see which works Best for you in addition to these Methods I also recommend that you find Ways to pull away from stresses in your Life for example if you've got relatives Or friends that get on your nerves don't Go as often and don't stay as long we Often try to push through stress which Only makes the problem worse as it can Physically build up inside your body Causing an overreactive nervous response Which is cortisol so take care of Yourself mentally physically and Emotionally as a final note eating

Probiotic rich foods like kefir Sauerkraut raw vegetables kimchi and Kombucha tea can all help the cells in Your gut to produce calming brain Chemicals like Gaba and serotonin which Can also help to lower cortisol here's a Quick summary of the powerful ways to Lower cortisol naturally take l-theanine In a gum Mint or a supplement to replace Your morning coffee eat leafy greens and Foods rich in magnesium to calm muscle Tension and lower cortisol raise oxygen Levels by taking long walks in nature Consume nutritional yeast to get B1 and B5 the most important vitamins to relax The body use the four to six breathing Technique to physically turn off the Stress response use essential oils to Stimulate the parasympathetic rest and Digest part of your nervous system quit Snacking and eat solid meals with Healthy fats to balance your hormones Use adaptogen herbs like ashwagandha and Lemon balm to reduce the need for Cortisol limit stressful situations in Your life by avoiding annoying people as Much as you can and each probiotic rich Foods to support your gut microbiome in Producing calming brain chemicals like Gaba and serotonin to learn more about Boosting the happy hormone called Serotonin go ahead and tap on this video On the screen now thank you so much for Watching my video today and as always I

Wish you great health wealth and Happiness

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