7 ED Supplements to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

By | October 20, 2019

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There are 7 natural supplements for erectile dysfunction that are alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals, and all of these are proven to work with multiple scientific studies. Use them strategically while also doing the things in this book to optimize your overall hormonal and vascular health and I can guarantee you that you’re not going to need any pharmaceutical aids after that.


Ginseng is a great erectile dysfunction supplement.Ginseng has been titled as the “natural Viagra” due to its impressive results in multiple scientific trials, and while I can guarantee you that ginseng is nowhere near as potent as synthetic Viagra is, the benefit is that it’s all natural, costs just a fraction of the price, and actually works unlike many other natural erectile dysfunction supplements out there.

The roots of ginseng are best known as “adaptogens,” a blanket term coined by the scientist in Soviet Russia for identifying compounds that can promote the body to adapt into stressful situations and maintain the homeostasis naturally by balancing stress and steroid hormones. The theorized reasoning for these effects is often claimed to be the high amount of phytonutrients (mainly ginsenosides) and antioxidants found in the roots.

While the evidence on ginseng’s ability to increase testosterone levels is mixed (raising the hormone on infertile men, (809) but not on men with no infertility), (810) the research behind its erection promoting effects is stronger than a steel pipe.


Pycnogenol is a great supplement for erectile dysfunction.

Pycnogenol is a patented water-extract of the bark of the French maritime pine tree. It’s standardized to contain 65-75% procyanidin, which is a compound known to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis (815) and therefore greatly increase vascular health and blood flow.

And that is the mechanism of how pycnogenol works as an erectile dysfunction supplement. It is used to improve erection strength and the promotion of arterial relaxation with a boost in nitric oxide.

Garlic Extract + Vitamin C

Garlic extract and vitamin C increase erection quality. Both garlic and vitamin C have been studied for their effects in promoting blood flow, reducing inflammation, and dropping blood-pressure. In fact, garlic is often more potent at relieving high blood-pressure than pharmaceutical solutions. (820)

The thing that many people don’t know, is that when you combine vitamin C with garlic extract, you can expect massive improvements in your circulation due to elevated nitric oxide production.

Citrulline or Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to nitric oxide, citrulline on the other hand is also an amino acid (found in watermelons for example), which naturally converts to arginine in the kidneys.

For these reasons both are generously used in pre-workout supplements to increase “pump” of the muscles and improve blood flow.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse chestnut extract can be used to cure erectile dysfunctionHorse Chestnut Extract (HSE) is often standardized to 10-20% of the active ingredient escin, which has been found to be extremely beneficial for vascular health.

The mechanism at which horse chestnut extract improves erection quality is two-fold. Firstly its able to increase nitric oxide levels, and secondly it improves the function of the “vascular valves” and thus prevents and relieves the formation of varicoceles (half-blocked veins with poor valve function leading to testicles and thus impairing testosterone production).

The latter mechanism of HSE is particularly interesting due to the fact that roughly 20% of men have varicose veins in their testicles, sometimes noticeable, but often so mild that they go unnoticed. These veins can be surgically operated, but so far escin (the active compound in horse chest nuts) has been identified as the only compound that has proven research backing up its use as a natural varicocele treatment.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds are often extracted to get a standardized amount of the active ingredient; procyanidin. It’s the same nitric oxide stimulating compound that can be found in pycnogenol.

Aside from increasing nitric oxide, grape seed extract (GSE) has been found to inhibit the activity of the aromatase enzyme, (833) which is an enzyme that converts testosterone molecules into estrogen.

The mechanism of action in grape seed extract makes it a great erectile dysfunction supplement as it can benefit erectile health by boosting nitric oxide and preserving testosterone.


Icariin is the active ingredient found in a herb called horn-y goat wee (epidemium). There’s research showing that it can act similarly to a testosterone mimetic in the body while also increase nitric oxide output and serving as a PDE-inhibitor.

So erection problems are one of them Silent health hazards that are rapidly Increasing all around the world Especially in countries where obesity Poor nutrition and lack of exercise are Actually just you know attributes of the Population and this this is increasing Over time chances are if you go to the Doctor they’re gonna leave you with a Prescription for something like cialis Or viagra and while those work super Well to have an acute erection it’s not Gonna address the underlying issues That’s involved so what we’re gonna do Today is we’re gonna look at some Different ways that you can address the Underlying issue about why you have IDI Problems in the first place and then how You can naturally overcome that issue [Music] All the information in today’s video Plus much more can be found in my book Master your tea visit master your tea Calm for a free digital download of the Book $20 in value absolutely free for You now while I’d recommend that you Start from fixing certain health and Lifestyle factors like sleep exercise And weight loss before jumping headfirst Into the erectile disfunction Supplements there are seven of them that We’re going to talk about today that are Alternatives to these synthetic Pharmaceuticals and there can be a lot

Healthier for you and they’re proven to Work with multiple scientific studies so Use them strategically while also doing Things from the master your tea book or In this master TV video series that is Going to help really overcome the Underlying issues so first off we have Ginseng so ginseng is an awesome Erectile-dysfunction supplement jenks Ginseng space has been called the Natural viagra due to its impressive Results in multiple scientific trials Well I can guarantee you that ginseng is Nowhere near as potent as synthetic Viagra is the benefit is that it’s All-natural it costs just a fraction of The price and actually it works Unlike most other edie supplements that You’d find they’re out there on the Market so the roots of ginseng are best Known as adaptogens which is a blanket Term that was coined by scientists in Soviet russia for identifying compounds That can promote the body’s ability to Adapt to stressful situations and Maintain the homeostasis within the body Balancing stress and steroid hormones so The theorized reasoning for these Effects is often claimed to be high Amount of phytonutrients in in ginseng Its gen set-asides and they’re found in The roots while the evidence on Ginseng’s ability to increase Testosterone levels is kind of mixed

With the raising hormone and infertile Men but not in men with no infertility The research behind its erection Promoting effects is pretty strong so in A Korean double-blind placebo study 900 Milligrams of ginseng was taken three Times per day for eight weeks and it was Able to significantly improve erectile Quality in subjects with clinically Diagnosed IDI these effects were noted By a questionnaire and a scan Measurement another study conducted Conducted five years later found similar Results with a thousand milligrams of Ginseng taken three times a day across The board patients that receive the Ginseng had noticeably improved quality Of erection rigidity maintenance and Penetration efficacy so in a research Study of ginseng sapiens it was Also noted that ginseng has the ability To significantly improve erection Strength when compared to a placebo so This time the researchers used another Erection strength monitoring device Called the AVS pentagram the underlying Mechanisms of ginseng’s action was not Fully understood but the combination the Compounds was what gave it its advantage So in animal studies showing ginseng Asides there are naturally larger Amounts of nitric oxide in the blood so We’ve recently added a high quality Liquid ginseng next up we have

Pycnogenol pycnogenol is an awesome Supplement for erectile dysfunction it’s A patented water extract of the bark of The French maritime pine tree it’s Standardized basically it contains 65 to 75 percent of Pro cyanogen which is a Compound that’s known to stimulate Natural night nitric oxide synthesis and Therefore greatly increased vascular Health and blood flow and that’s how Pycnogenol really works as an erectile Dysfunction supplement it’s used to Improve erection strength and the Promotion of arterial relaxation with a Boost in nitric oxide 40 milligrams of Pycnogenol was used alongside 1,700 Milligrams of arginine in aspartic acid In a Bulgarian trial and that study Showed that 40 subjects that were Suffering from IDI took this combination Of these supplements for IDI three times A day and in 3 months into the study Ninety two point five percent of the Test subjects reported that their Ability to regain erections had Completely returned in 2003 another Another group of researchers replicated That study with the exact same results Now in 2007 180 milligrams of pycnogenol Was found to increase arterial expansion Young male subjects by staggering 42% Another trial noted that in patients With coronary artery disease pycnogenol Is a potent compound for really

Improving vascular health and blood flow Since pycnogenol is so well documented To promote vascular health and blood Flow we formulated actually 100 Milligrams in Redwood and every single Capsule of Redwood from wombs ooh and That leads us to the next thing it’s a Combination of garlic extract and Vitamin C garlic extract with vitamin C In combination increase erection quality So both garlic and vitamin C have been Studied for their effects in promoting Blood flow reducing inflammation and Dropping blood pressure in fact garlic Is more potent at relieving high blood Pressure than most pharmaceutical Solutions the thing that most people Don’t know is that when you combine Vitamin C with the garlic extract you Get in massive and In circulation due to elevated nitric Oxide production this effect was Actually seen in a study by Moussa and When they administered two grams of Vitamin C in combination with four Capsules of garlic extract daily for 10 Days their patients with mild Hypertension started to see the Following improvement so they saw Endothelial nitric oxide output Increased out of staggering 200% which Is a three-fold increase immediately on Average systolic blood pressure dropped From 142 to 115 on average diastolic

Blood pressure dropped from 92 to 77 and For this reason we decided to actually Put alongside with the pycnogenol and Red would we have garlic extract and Vitamin C and these exact right dosages From zoo’s redwood so another thing that You can use is either citrulline or Arginine now now arginine is an amino Acid that acts as a precursor to nitric Oxide and citrulline on the other hand Is also an amino acid found in Watermelons for example which naturally Converts to arginine in the kidneys For these reasons both are really Commonly used in pre-workout supplements To increase pump in the gym by improving Blood flow so the science behind these Compounds is actually pretty solid and They both seem to very reliably increase Nitric oxide output however there is Some reason that citrulline does seem to Be more potent than arginine is maybe Your body converts it into a more potent Form of arginine with that than that That you can actually find in the Supplements itself so whatever the case Both of them works it really just works Better so and actually a great source of L-citrulline is the Kino octane Pre-workout drink is it’s amazing it’s Got the legal limit of l-citrulline per Serving now next up on the list we have Horse chestnut extract so horse chestnut Extract can be used to cure erectile

Dysfunction HSC horse chestnut extract Is often standardized basically between 10 to 20% of the active ingredient it’s Called Essen which has been found to be Extremely beneficial for vascular health The mechanism that horse chestnut Extract uses to improve erection quality Is twofold so firstly it’s able to Increase nitric oxide levels secondly it Improves the function of vascular valves And therefore prevents and relieves the Formation of varicocele in the body so If you have a varicocele Other sort of varicose vein horse Chestnut extract super good for it the Latter mechanism of HSC is particularly Interesting due to the fact that Roughly 20% of men actually have Varicose veins on the testicles called a Varicocele but often they can get go Unnoticed until they become extremely Painful and they can actually reduce Your testosterone levels so a lot of People have to go and get surgeries to Get them removed there are three studies Which all found that standardized Essen Is able to significantly resolve Varicose veins all over the body and Most importantly one showed that the Aysen derived from horse chestnut Extract was able to reduce the rate of Varicose seals and therefore improved The sperm counts and testosterone levels And infertile patients one study also

Experimented with varicose shield Rodents just to find out the Standardized that standardized s and can Reverse these negative effects in Rodents as well so that’s why we also Included horse chestnut extract in zoo’s Redwood next up on the list for Supplements that can help with IDI is Grape seed extract So grape seeds are often extracted to Get a standardized amount of the active Ingredient which is called Pro cyanogen It’s the same nitric oxide stimulating Compound that can be found in pycnogenol So aside from increasing nitric oxide Grapeseed extract has been found to Inhibit the activity of the aroma taste Enzyme which is an enzyme that converts Testosterone into estrogen so you want To be able to inhibit that enzyme the Mechanism of action and grape seed Extract makes it a great erectile Disfunction supplement as well because It benefits erectile health by boosting That NL and preserving testosterone the Research behind GSE is really really Interesting so in rats for example 100 Milligrams per kilogram have been able To increase nitric oxide levels by 125 Percent at rest in 138 percent after Exercise human studies consistently show How GSE increases NO production and Therefore reduces blood pressure leg Swelling heart rate and cardiovascular

Disease risk all right next up on the List we have a current so it current is The active ingredient found an herb Called horny goat weed epidemia so There’s research showing that it can act Similarly to testosterone in the body While it also increases Noi output and Serves as a PDE an inhibitor since it Current is a PDE inhibitor you could Actually kind of compare it to viagra Because that’s what viagra does due to The fact that the mechanism at which Sildenafil which is the active Ingredient viagra also works on PDE Inhibition so i’m sad to say that when Can To viagra though urine really isn’t as Potent but again it’s natural and it’s Significantly cheaper than viagra the Research shows that when male rats are Administered 80 milligrams per kilogram Of it Curran their testosterone levels Increase threefold and this occurs Without significant changes in LH or FSH Suggesting that the e current has a Direct testicular effect on testosterone Production so when a current was tested In cell cultures researchers noted that It was able to inhibit the pde5 enzymes And therefore many supplement Manufacturers have actually started Selling it as an aphrodisiac under the Name natural viagra again though urine Is not nearly as potent as viagra so I

Wouldn’t expect anything like that from It some other studies have found that Urine can increase the nerve growth and Circulation of the pelvic region Significantly increased nitric oxide Output and blood the rise in the stress Hormone cortisol Ikram might be a useful Addition to your erectile dysfunction Supplement arsenal but I doubt it has Even been remotely similar in terms of The effect that viagra has so I wouldn’t Go into it expecting the exact same Output so there you go those are seven All-natural compounds with science Backing them up for their use as great Supplements for erectile dysfunction so As you know one of the main reasons for Having a rectal dysfunction in the first Place is the fact that you have low Testosterone so increasing your Testosterone naturally is now openly Available to you with my book master tee Which you can get for free at master you T.com right now all you got to do is Enter your email just send you an email With a transcript of this entire book it Has everything you would ever need to Know to naturally get your testosterone Levels back to normal and then get them High you also get a five dollar off Coupon for zhuzh test rho x natural Testosterone support supplement that’s All over at master your t.com which you Can go see right now so if you liked

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