6 Powerful Ways To UNCLOG Your ARTERIES

By | April 17, 2023

6 powerful ways to unclog your arteries.

Clogged arteries (atherosclerosis) is responsible for over 50% of all deaths in Westernized countries. This condition is caused by inflammation in the artery walls following a poor diet, poor lifestyle choices and being under stress (cortisol).

In this video we will be exploring 6 lifestyle tips to unclog the arteries and reduce the damaging effects of arterial plaque, including the use of proteolytic enzymes, destroying harmful bacteria in the artery walls, boosting antioxidant activity, intermittent fasting (timed eating), exercise and improving the health of the gut.

These actions along with the additional tips at the end of the video can all be used to help boost blood flow through the arteries and lower the risk of a blockage occurring (heart attack/stroke etc..).

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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Is Clogged Arteries?
⏰ 01:47 – Signs Of Clogged Arteries
⏰ 03:00 – 1. Proteolytic Enzymes
⏰ 03:57 – 2. Destroy Bacteria In Arteries
⏰ 05:32 – 3. Boost Antioxidant Network
⏰ 07:04 – 4. Timed Eating (Fasting)
⏰ 08:04 – 5. Exercise
⏰ 09:12 – 6. Improve Gut Health
⏰ 10:23 – 7. Other Ways To Unclog Arteries


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6 Ways To Unclog Your Arteries 
And Improve Blood Flow Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) 
is the underlying cause of over 50%   Of all deaths in westernized countries. If your arteries become clogged, it 
can block the normal flow of blood   Around your body from your heart to your organs. Triggering a heart attack, 
a blood clot or a stroke. For this reason, it is very important to learn 
about the simple lifestyle tips that can be   Used to both unclog the arteries and prevent 
plaque from building up in the first place. But before we can do this, we need to understand 
why our arteries get clogged up at all. Well here you see, your heart pumps 
blood through your arteries to feed   All of your organs and cells with 
oxygen to keep you alive and healthy. Now with clogged arteries, what happens first 
is the cells on the inner walls of your arteries   Start to become inflamed, damaged and 
small cracks or lesions start appear. This happens because of aging, being 
under stress, having a poor diet,   And some other causes that I'll about 
later as we go through the video. Now to prevent your arteries from leaking fluid, 
your body patches it up with LDL cholesterol   Fibrin (which is a part of scar tissue), 
hardened calcium and other waste products. This plaque sticks together forming a rigid 
cement in your arteries which hardens like bone,   Clogging up your arteries, making them 
tight and blocking the normal flow of blood. This can cause you to have a heart 
attack and potentially die if the   Main coronary artery is blocked completely. Symptoms Of Clogged Arteries Earlier signs of clogged (use two images here)
Earlier on however may   Also experience a feeling pressure or pain 
in your chest, especially you're feeling   Emotionally stressed or are exercising. 
And the pain goes way when you relax. This pressure feeling is often caused 
by the high blood pressure and the   Poor circulation of blood to and from your heart. Another sign of clogged arteries 
is referred pain or swelling in   The left side of your body such 
as your left shoulder or your arm. You may feel like you can’t catch your breath,   Especially when walking because not enough 
oxygen is circulating through your arteries. In some people, there are no symptoms 
at all, and plaque can continue to form   In the arteries for decades without 
being noticed until a blockage occurs.

In this video I want to share 6 
powerful methods of unclogging   Your arteries and improving 
blood flow around your body. To prevent heart attacks, strokes and other 
issues that occur with arterial plaque. Just my usual reminder video is 
for educational purposes only,   So do speak to your doctor if 
you have any medical concerns 1. Proteolytic Enzymes Number 
1 is proteolytic enzymes. In order to clean the arteries and 
prevent them from becoming stiffer,   More rigid and more clogged over time, you 
may take proteolytic enzymes (supplement). There are many types available, however 
some of the most powerful are nattokinase,   Serrapeptase and lumbrokinase. These enzymes help the body to dissolve fibrin,   The tough protein mesh that forms blood clots and 
stiffens your artery walls, and causing clogging. They also help to reduce swelling, and 
inflammation in the cardiovascular system,   Helping to bring oxygen to your 
heart and the rest of your body. These are available in health food 
stores and online, be sure to speak   To your doctor before use, especially if you 
are already taking blood thinning medication. 2. Destroy Harmful Bacteria Before your arteries get   Clogged up with plaque, they first get 
damaged and start to bleed and leak,   In the same way your mouth bleeds 
when your gums are inflamed. This allows bacteria to infect your 
arteries. In fact studies show that   There are over 23 different types of bacteria 
present underneath the plaque in your arteries, Which can worsen the disease 
over time (atherosclerosis). To help your body clean out this harmful 
bacteria, you first need to destroy the   Calcium shell (biofilm) that’s protecting 
it, and keeping your arteries stiff. You can take up to 300mg of Vitamin K2 daily 
(Mk-7). This nutrient activates matrix GLA   Protein which help to break down calcium in 
your tissues and direct it out of the arteries. This will allow your immune system to 
fight off the pathogenic bacteria and   Heal the pockets of the damage that occur in 
the inner walls of your arteries (endothelium). In addition you can also consume 
garlic, oregano, cinnamon or NAC   To help break down the protective barrier around 
the bacteria, again making it easier to destroy. If you're finding this information helpful 
please hit the like button, subscribe and   Turn all notifications to stay updated 
with my latest health and nutrition tips. 3. Supercharge Your Antioxidant Network Now that you’ve started to break down the plaque,  

You want to help your body to heal the 
artery walls by lowering inflammation. To do this, you can eat lots of 
organic antioxidant rich foods,   Especially those that contain 
Vitamin C and E complexes. For Vitamin E, I recommend sunflower 
seeds, avocados, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds,   Extra virgin olive oil, almonds, Swiss 
chard and cruciferous vegetables. These help to lower the need for oxygen 
in the heart, thin out the blood,   And heal inflammation in the artery walls. For Vitamin C, I recommend sauerkraut, 
cabbage, lemon juice and seeds, peppers,   Mixed berries, all leafy greens 
or from acerola cherry powder. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the walls of 
the arteries, healing up pockets of damage,   Killing harmful bacteria that’s 
infecting it, and preventing bleeding It’s important to eat all of 
the foods I just mentioned raw,   As if they are cooked it will destroy the 
powerful antioxidants that your body needs. Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating lots 
of refined sugar/flour can also use up the   Antioxidant reserves in your body, 
so you will want to cut these out. 4. Timed Eating Start eating all of your meals and food 
for the day in a strict 4 hour window,   Allowing your body 20 hours to rest and digest. This is called timed eating 
or intermittent fasting,   And is one of the best ways to 
help normalise cholesterol levels,   Boost glutathione (the master antioxidant), and 
help to lower inflammation in the artery walls. Research shows that people who lived 
through prolonged periods of starvation   During World War II had little to no 
plaque in their coronary arteries,   However when they returned to their 
usual diets the atherosclerosis returned. This shows that fasting for long periods 
can help to dissolve plaque in the arteries,   Because it helps to trigger cleaning 
action in the cells. (autophagy). 5. Exercise  The heart and the tissues surrounding 
your arteries are made of muscle,   So they need to be worked and exercised in 
order to maintain their tone and strength. When you exercise and get your heart pumping, 
you work all of these muscles and help move   Oxygen around your cardiovascular system 
through your network of blood vessels. Studies show that improving your level of activity 
can help to lower the size of plaque in the   Arteries and also help to stabilize them so they 
are less likely to break off and block blood flow. Aim for a minimum for 20 minutes cardio 3x 
per week, and on the other days get lots of  

Low stress exercise, like gentle walking 
in nature and performing tasks outside. Vitamin D from the sun, tree 
essential oils in the air,   And fresh air itself will all help 
to calm down your cortisol levels,   In order to normalise your blood pressure and 
lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke. 6. Improve Gut Health
Many people have poor gut health,   And digestive problems (Crohn's, 
celiac, ibs etc..) which over time   Causes massive amounts of inflammation 
which affects the heart and arteries. Start to improve the health of 
your gut by eating foods rich   In probiotics and prebiotics, 
like sauerkraut, kefir, miso,   Kombucha tea, yoghurt, hard cheeses, 
kimchi and other fermented vegetables. These foods support your microbiome, the 
collection of friendly bacteria/yeasts   That live in your gut, which are an 
essential part of your immune system. Having a healthy gut also improves the quality 
of bile, the liquid that’s made by your liver   That helps to break down fats and cholesterol in 
the body, in order to prevent an overproduction. You can also drink 1tbsp of apple cider 
vinegar in a glass of water before meals,   As this helps to support your body in digesting 
foods and keeping your blood sugars under control. Other Things That Help Unclog Arteries Finally I'd like to share some 
other thing that you can do to   Improve the health of your arteries and heart. 1. Garlic
Eat freshly cut garlic   On a regular basis, as this has been shown to help 
reduce calcification and hardening of the arteries 2. No Vegetable Oils
Remove all inflammatory vegetable oils including   Soybean, canola, cottonseed, corn oil, margarine 
etc as these damage the lining of the arteries. 3. Omega 3-s
Load up on anti-inflammatory   Omega 3 fatty acids from wild salmon, sardines and 
shellfish to help heal the lining of the arteries 4. Cooked Tomatoes
Eat cooked organic   None-gmo tomatoes often as this will 
supply a red pigment called lycopene   That’s been shown to thin out the walls 
of the arteries making them more flexible. 5. Reduce Stress
If you are mentally   Stressed out, your cortisol levels 
will be high that could also be   Raising blood sugars and damaging your 
arteries, so try to find ways to relax. 6. Improve Sleep – turning off all forms of light 
and devices and giving yourself an extra hour to   Wind down before bed. This lowers inflammation 
and promotes healing of the vascular system. There are also certain vitamins and nutritional  

Supplements that can be used 
to help unclog the arteries. If you'd like to learn about these,   Go ahead and tap on this video on 
the screen now for more information. 6 Vitamins To UNCLOG Your ARTERIES Thank you so much for watching my video today,   And as always I wish you great 
health, wealth and happiness.

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