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6 drinks to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Hypertension is a condition where your heart is working harder than normal to pump blood through your body (high blood pressure). This added pressure puts a strain on the walls of the arteries, causing them to become stiff, rigid and inflamed, and eventually raises the risk of heart attacks, strokes and poor circulation.

In this video we will be exploring 6 powerful drinks that lower blood pressure naturally due to the important nutrients they contain. These drinks include hibiscus tea, garlic water, celery juice, an avocado based smoothie, ashwagandha root and amla juice.

We also explore some other simple lifestyle changes you can make to help get your blood pressure under control.


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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Is Hypertension
⏰ 00:46 – Causes Of High Blood Pressure
⏰ 01:58 – 1. Hibiscus Tea
⏰ 02:39 – 2. Garlic Water
⏰ 03:57 – 3. Celery Juice
⏰ 05:01 – 4. ALB Electrolyte Drink
⏰ 06:50 – 5. Amla Juice
⏰ 08:19 – How To Lower Blood Pressure


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6 Drinks That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Hypertension is a condition where your heart is   Working harder than normal to pump blood 
through your body (high blood pressure). Over time that added pressure puts a strain on 
the walls and the pipework of your arteries,   Causing them to become stiff, rigid and inflamed. Eventually the arteries get so damaged they 
begin to begin to have lesions (leaky pipes), And the body builds cholesterol 
plaque to try and patch up the damage. This plaque can then block the blood flow, 
triggering a heart attack, a stroke or poor   Oxygen supply to your other organs like 
your eyes, kidneys, liver, pancreas etc.. Common Causes But why do you get high 
blood pressure in the first place High Cortisol – Well the most common 
cause of high blood pressure is emotional   Stress which raises your cortisol levels, a 
hormone that makes your heart work harder. Visceral Fat – Another issue is having a 
build-up of visceral fat inside your belly,   Which physically presses against your blood 
vessels and puts a strain on the heart. Deficiency (Mg, K, C, D) – and the other 
common cause is being deficient in magnesium,   Potassium, calcium or vitamin d, which are 
all essential for a healthy vascular system. Along with generally just having 
an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking,   Drinking alcohol, taking lot 
of drugs or medications etc.. In our other videos we talk more 
about the underlying causes of   High blood pressure and how to correct your diet. In this video however, we will be 
sharing 5 very simple drinks that   Lower high blood pressure and bring 
it back within the normal range. Just my usual reminder video is 
for educational purposes only,   So do speak to your doctor if 
you have any medical concerns 1. Hibiscus Tea One of the best natural remedies 
for lowering blood pressure is a   Herbal tea made from bright red hibiscus flowers. Simply steep 1 organic hibiscus tea bag in warm   Water for 3-4 minutes and drink 2x 
per day for a minimum of 6 weeks. Studies show that this floral herb 
is as powerful as anti-hypertensive   Medications in lowering blood pressure. Hibiscus tea contains powerful anthocyanins 
which work are a natural ace inhibitor,   Helping to relax your blood vessels in order 
to bring your blood pressure back to normal. 2. Garlic Water Crush 2 cloves of garlic and  

Add to 16oz of water, add a squeeze of fresh lemon 
juice and 1tsp of extra virgin olive oil. Let this   Mixture sit in the refrigerator for 60 minutes 
and then drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Cold garlic tea is another extremely 
powerful remedy to lower blood pressure   Because like hibiscus, it too contains 
anti-hypertensive phytonutrients. One of the main components 
of garlic is called allicin,   A plant chemical which helps 
to naturally thin your blood,   So that it can flow freely through your 
vascular system and lower the blood pressure. Allicin has also been shown to 
block platelets from clumping   Together and forming a clot that may have 
triggered a heart attack or a stroke. Make sure that you do include the extra virgin 
olive oil in this drink, as this fat helps your   Body absorb the phytonutrients from garlic and 
also helps reduce the risk of heart disease. If you're finding this information helpful 
please hit the like button, subscribe and   Turn all notifications to stay updated 
with my latest health and nutrition tips. 3. Celery Juice
Celery is one of the best   Foods in the world for supporting healthy blood 
pressure levels and maintaining a healthy heart. This stalk like vegetable is rich in 
phthalides, a group of plant chemicals   That relax the smooth muscle in 
the artery walls and the heart, Allowing the blood to flow more freely 
and naturally lowering blood pressure. You can use a juicer, or simply blend 4 
stalks of celery and strain the mixture,   And then drink this once per day. This mixture must be made fresh 
daily to get the full effect. Celery juice also contains apigenin, another 
chemical that lowers cortisol – the stress   Hormone that's often responsible for 
high blood pressure (hypertension). When drinking celery juice you may 
notice your sleep improving at night,   You may feel more relaxed and 
focused throughout the day,   And your skin may begin to appear 
brighter with a healthy natural glow. 4. ALB Electrolyte Drink Add the pulp of one avocado, 
1 whole organic unwaxed lemon,   And 1 cup of blueberries to 
a blender with 16oz of water. Process this and drink it once 
per day. Feel free to add a little   Stevia or natural sweetener of your 
choice if it's a little too bitter. This is an extremely powerful health 
tonic that’s loaded with magnesium,   Potassium, vitamin C and E which all play 
an important role in cardiovascular health,   And in bringing blood pressure back to normal.

The minerals in particular (magnesium and 
potassium) are electrolytes which support the   Electrical system in the chambers of the heart, 
keeping your heart beating in a regular rhythm. 5. Ashwagandha Root Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), 
is a herb that has been used in   India for thousands of years to 
help the body adapt to stress. This is classified as an adaptogen, 
meaning that it supports the bodies   Delicate balance of all things, including blood 
pressure, immune cells, pH, temperature etc… You can purchase ashwagandha root 
tea in health food stores or online,   Or you can take it as a supplement. One of the main benefits of ashwagandha 
is its capability to lower cortisol,   The stress hormone that makes your blood vessels 
tight and often causes high blood pressure. Ashwagandha helps to calm down the fight/flight 
stress response so that you can relax ,and the tension is released from the 
smooth muscle of your blood vessels. 6. Amla Juice Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry,   Was shown to be one of the most powerful 
natural remedies to lowering blood pressure. You can purchase cold pressed 
amla juice in health food stores,   But make sure that it is unpasteurized 
and contains no additives or sugar. Amla juice is very bitter and is one of the 
richest sources of REAL Vitamin C on the planet,   Which helps to normalise cholesterol levels 
and widen your blood vessels (vasodilation). It also acts as a natural ACE inhibitor,   Without the common side effects 
that are associated with medication. Alternatively you can get freeze dried amla 
powder and add it to your ALB electrolyte drink,   However this will be bitter so you 
may need more stevia to sweeten it. As you can see there are many healthy 
tonics that you can use to lower your   Blood pressure naturally, in 
addition to improving your diet. Try out one of these remedies for 4 weeks, and 
keep checking your blood pressure to see if it   Has a positive impact. If not, try another 
remedy and find what works best for you. Be sure to speak to your doctor however if 
you are taking any blood pressure medication,   As these may double the effect 
and trigger low blood pressure. Other Ways To Lower Blood Pressure 1. Stop eating too frequently throughout 
the day and eat 2 solid meals,   Full of nutrient dense foods. This will help to 
normalise your insulin and cortisol hormones,   Which in turn can help to 
lower your blood pressure.

2. Cut out sugar, refined flour (bread, pasta, 
cakes etc..) and junk foods as much as possible. Replace these with nutrient dense foods 
like wild salmon, grass fed meats,   Avocados, celery, and cruciferous vegetables. 3. Start taking 20,000 ius (0.5mg) Vitamin D3 
daily and 200mcg of Vitamin K2 (Mk-7). Vitamin   D is a healthy steroid hormone which is very 
potent for lowering high blood pressure,   Whilst Vitamin K2 helps to prevent 
calcification of the arteries. 4. Lower your stress by getting regular 
low stress exercise. Take long walks,   Bike rides, swimming and cardio. This improves the   Tone of the muscles in your arteries and 
heart, to balance your blood pressure. 5. Cut out alcohol and stop smoking. These 
deplete your Vitamin C and wreak havoc on your   Nervous system over time which can damage your 
blood vessels and trigger high blood pressure. 6. Sleep is essential to control blood pressure. 
Improve your sleep quality by turning off all   Devices and lights 1 hour before you sleep, 
and allow yourself more time to wind down. Use lavender essential oil or mists 
in the bedroom to induce melatonin,   The sleep hormone which also 
helps lower blood pressure. If you'd like to go deeper and learn about 
the top 10 foods that lower blood pressure,   Go ahead and tap on this video on the screen now. Top 10 Foods To LOWER Your BLOOD PRESSURE Thank you so much for watching my video today,   And as always I wish you great 
health, wealth and happiness.

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