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The top 5 vitamins to balance hormones in women.

Hormones are chemical messengers made by the glands, which travel through the blood sending messages to your cells and organs.

If these hormones become out of balance (which they are in over 80% of women), symptoms start to appear in the body like anxiety, dry skin, hot flashes, acne, thinning eyebrows and many other issues.

In this video we will be exploring the top 5 nutritional supplements and vitamins that balance hormones in women including Vitamin E, ashwagandha, DIM, Vitamin D and evening primrose oil.

You’ll also learn about some of the root causes and triggers of hormonal imbalance, and some simple lifestyle tips to balance out your hormones, including diet and lifestyle habits.

Top recommended supplements for balancing hormones:
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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Are Hormones
⏰ 00:28 – Examples Of Hormonal Imbalance
⏰ 01:53 – 1. Vitamin E
⏰ 02:53 – 2. Ashwagandha
⏰ 03:56 – 3. DIM
⏰ 05:07 – 4. Vitamin D
⏰ 06:06 – 5. Evening Primrose Oil
⏰ 07:25 – Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance
⏰ 08:48 – How To Balance Hormones Naturally


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The top five vitamins to balance Hormones in women both women and men Have around 50 different hormones that Work in their bodies these hormones are Chemical Messengers that travel through Your blood and they control how cells And organs do their work in your body Unfortunately studies are showing that Over 80 percent of women suffer from Some type of hormonal imbalance Especially after pregnancy menopause or Puberty for example if your hormones are Out of balance you may get problems like Heavy periods or PMS dry skin acne and Pimples hair loss and thinning eyebrows Racing thoughts and anxiety breast Tenderness night sweats and many other Different issues you see all of the Glands in your body produce and release Hormones to keep you alive and healthy However your glands and The receptors For your hormones are very sensitive to Different things like emotional stress Toxic sins high blood sugars and junk Foods all of these can put your hormones Out of balance because the glands start To release too much or too little of any Particular hormone in my previous videos I talked about the many different signs And symptoms of hormonal imbalance in Women and also some foods that can be Eaten to correct it in this video However we'll be exploring the top five Vitamins that can be used to help

Balance out and normalize your hormones By supporting your glands directly bear In mind I use the words vitamins broadly To include Herbal Remedies and Nutritional supplements that you can use To help balance out your hormones just a Quick reminder this video is for Educational purposes only so do speak to Your doctor before taking supplements or If you have any medical concerns the First item on my list is vitamin E if You wish you can take a daily supplement Of up to 600 milligrams of vitamin E in The form called tocotrienols this helps To support the master gland in your Brain called the pituitary now the Pituitary controls how many of the other Glands in your body release hormones Like your thyroid your ovaries kidneys Etc so taking a supplement of Tocotrenals or eating foods that are Naturally rich in vitamin E like Avocados sunflower seeds and almonds can All help to balance out your hormones Naturally women who suffer from breast Tenderness period pain hot flashes Anxiety or PMS often like to use vitamin E to help overcome their problems as a Bonus tocatrinals also help to support The fat layer underneath your skin Helping your skin and hair to stay Hydrated and elastic number two is a Very powerful and well-known herb for Supporting hormone balance called

Ashwagandha if you find you feel Stressed often you can't seem to switch Off your thoughts or you frequently wake Up in the early hours you may have a Cortisol imbalance Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb that Has been used for thousands of years in India as it helps your body and your Adrenal glands to adapt to stress and This will balance out your cortisol Levels taking this has been shown to Reduce anxiety and depression whilst Helping to promote healthy DHEA levels This is an adrenal hormone that will Give you energy focus and vitality you Can take up to 2 000 milligrams of Ashwagandha in a capsule form to help Balance out your thyroid hormones Adrenal hormones and growth hormone if You're finding this information helpful At all please hit the like subscribe and Turn all notifications on to stay Updated with my latest health and Nutrition tips number three is a natural Phytonutrient found in cruciferous Vegetables called dim to balance out the Hormones in both women and men it's Essential to start eating lots of Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli Radish brussels sprouts cauliflower Cabbage Etc these leafy greens provide Indole-3 carbonyl and dim which helps Your liver to balance out your estrogen Levels if your estrogen hormones are out

Of balance there's a much higher risk of Developing problems like breast cancer Ovarian cysts or infertility however dim Which has been extracted from these Vegetables can help to balance out these Hormones and it's also been shown to Cause cancer cells to die dim works by Boosting the amount of antioxidants in Your body which helps to protect against Rapid aging helps your liver to detoxify Harmful chemicals like nicotine alcohol And pesticides from your food and it Also reduces problems like acne pimples Oily skin and dry skin you can take dim In capsule form between 200 to 600 Milligrams per day Now the fourth supplement is called Vitamin D3 vitamin D is actually a Hormone that your body makes when your Skin is exposed to sunlight it's very Important as it helps your body absorb Calcium to keep your bones and teeth Strong and healthy as you get older the Problem is that billions of people Worldwide are deficient in vitamin D Which can lead to problems like Osteoporosis and osteopenia with age It's recommended to take a daily dosage Of 10 000 international units of vitamin D3 on a daily basis to help keep your Vitamin D levels high and support your Immune system especially as you get Older it's important to note that when You're taking D3 it's also important to

Take 100 micrograms of vitamin K2 as This will work with the vitamin D to Drive calcium into your bones to keep Them strong and healthy next up we have Another extremely powerful remedy for Balancing female hormones called evening Primrose oil if you wish you can take Evening primrose oil in capsules at a Dosage of 1500 milligrams spread out Throughout the day this oil is a rich Source of gamma linolenic acid which has Been shown to help balance prolactin Levels this helps to soothe PMS Irritability depression anxiety fatigue Headaches Cravings painful breasts and Endometriosis primrose oil works by Lowering inflammation in your glands and Making your hormones more sensitive so That they can send messages properly Throughout your body women of all ages Can use this to reduce PMS but it also Works in menopausal and post-menopausal Women to reduce night sweats vaginal Dryness and hot flashes so as you can See there are many nutritional Supplements that can be used to balance Out out your hormones and relieve Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance so try Out a mixture of these remedies and see Which works best for you later in this Video I'm going to share some more Important lifestyle tips to follow to Balance out your hormones but first Let's take a look at why your hormones

May be out of balance in the first place By far the most common issue is just Eating too much sugar and refined foods Which causes blood sugar issues which Affect your pancreas and the other Glands causing hormonal changes mental Stress and strong emotions can affect Your entire endocrine system and nervous System putting them out of balance Another issue is that contraceptive Pills contain artificial female hormones Like estradiol and progesterone which Over time weakens the delicate hormone Balance not getting at least seven to Eight hours of deep restorative sleep Each night will also affect your Melatonin and brain chemistry which Damages the pituitary gland causing Feelings of anxiety and stress Your glands also require certain Nutrients to work properly so if you Aren't eating enough nutrient-dense Foods glands like the thyroid can stop Producing the right level of hormones And finally if you have a buildup of Toxins in your body from smoking Medications drinking alcohol soy protein Isolates vaping or taking in too many Toxic vegetable oils these can all act As endocrine disruptors putting your Hormones out of balance and damaging Your glands with these issues in mind Let's now take a look at some simple Lifestyle changes you can make to

Balance out your hormones naturally one Cut down on unhealthy refined foods like Vegetable oils sugar flour bread Biscuits sweet treats and soda drinks These Foods wreak havoc on your blood Sugars which over time causes hormonal Imbalance and insulin resistance instead You want to eat foods rich in minerals That that support your glands like Nutritional yeast pumpkin seeds oily Fish cruciferous vegetables garlic sea Kelp grass-fed meats and shellfish Your body needs a variety of different Types of fats to make hormones so start Eating more healthy sources of fat like Virgin coconut oil avocados Brazil nuts Wild salmon sardines and grass-fed Butter these fats provide the raw Materials needed to build hormones and Support your glands three balance out Your adrenal hormones by lowering Emotional stress taking long walks in Nature getting more exercise journaling Meditation deep breathing exercises Aromatherapy and yoga can all help to Alleviate built up stress and tension in Your body this alone has a huge impact On your overall well-being and in Reducing cortisol levels 4. cut back on Stimulants like caffeinated drinks Coffee tea Cola and energy drinks as These will affect your sleep and cause Major hormonal changes replace these With soothing adaptogenic drinks like

Lemon balm chamomile and hibiscus tea Which will help to control your blood Pressure soothe anxiety and ease Emotional tension 5. eat all of your Food in a strict six hour window each Day and allow your body to rest and Digest for the remaining 18 hours this Is an extremely powerful timed eating Method called intermittent fasting and It helps to balance out your blood Sugars to allow your glands to heal and Recover and finally focus on improving The quality of your sleep go to bed an Hour earlier turn off all of the devices That emit blue light and allow yourself More time to wind down ensure that you Have a comfortable mattress and pillow And breathe deeply into account of for And out to a count of six to help you Relax Extending the time that you sleep and Sleeping more deeply will support the Hypothalamus and pituitary glands in Balancing out your entire endocrine System if you'd like to learn more about The top hormone balancing foods for Women go ahead and tap on this video on The screen now thank you so much for Watching my video today and as always I Wish you great health wealth and Happiness

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