5 Traits That Attract Younger Women To Older Men!

By | December 15, 2020

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Five traits that attract younger women To Older men have you ever experienced Something when you'll see A beautiful young woman with an older Man a lot of men Think that a lot of young women go after Older men because their money Not saying that that doesn't happen Because it does but what i am saying is There's traits that younger women Actually do look for in an older man Now you might see a 25 year old 28 year Old with a 35 or 38 year old And it's probably because he embodies Some of these traits that i'm going to Talk about in this video Now i'm not saying that there's a lot of Young There's not any younger men or younger Women that go After older men for their money that's a Whole other topic in a whole nother Video But more often than not as i know as a Woman and from my friends A lot of younger women do date older men Because of the traits that they embody And we're going to talk about that today So if you are a younger man or an older Man it doesn't matter you can walk away With these traits and really be able to Attract that woman that you want or Embody this yourself

Before we get started i am apolonia Puente i'm a dating relationship coach For you men To master your attraction skills and Build a life overall with women dating Relationships and whatever you want Let's get into the traits trait number One is he knows What he wants and he's very direct I know from experience myself that when We as women were dating i did an older Man Or when women that i knew that were Friends that Are with older men or that have dated Older men with experience The one thing that they love is that They're very direct They're very they don't care about What the woman is going to think of him If he's very direct and tells the woman That she's He's into her and that he wants to take Her out on a date and calls a date a Date He knows what he wants overall and trait Number two is he shows maturity And strength and standards okay guys Maturity strength and standards is so Significant to the error we should talk About of attraction and why Because when a man shows maturity and Strength a woman feels like he can Lead that she can follow into his

Masculine And when a man of this caliber i should Say Doesn't matter has standards the woman Sees Potential the woman sees oh my goodness If he has standards I have to live up to them and maybe i Have to have standards within myself And i'm going to talk a little bit about This a little bit more and trait number Three Is he's independent and he has Contentment within his Own life here's the thing is why women Are attracted to older men is because of The fact that Sometimes they have already built a life That they find That are very they're very content with That they love They have success in their career they Know what they want they go after what They want they already have a solid Foundation Of what their life looks like weekdays Weekends friends Family and everything so they're Independent in their life and they're Not just sitting here trying to figure It out Women love a man that is on his mission On his purpose and literally can Lead into something where

She can come back and say this man is a Man i can see potential in the future With because of this Because of whatever direction if she Wants a family or she just wants to Enjoy life Trait number four is they have emotional Control What does this mean guys if you've been Watching my videos for a while i talk About this a lot They're less reactive and more Responsive to situations So basically they're less impulsive they Think things through They don't just resp react because of Something that triggers them Or because of something that is Not going their way or if uh Something happens without within their Proximity They don't look at it as they're being Attacked all the time they look like This as I can control this so i'm just going to Calmly position myself to go into Whatever Situation is in front of me talk it Through See what's going on and be non-reactive Where i get angry Sad emotionally discharged in this way Now i'm not saying you can't have Emotions you can definitely have

Emotions It's about taking to understanding the Time in a place for them and Last trait is he builds a life that she Wants to be part of Okay guys here's the thing is A lot of younger women are attracted to Older men because of a life that they've Already created Okay and i'm not saying all women are Like this but majority of them are Attracted to them because of these Things And because he's built a life that he's Already That he loves and now she can just fall Into it and she can be a part of this Then they can embrace each other's lives Together possibly Now one of the things that i've noticed When we think about The younger woman and the older man is a Lot of times Men will say oh you know the reason why She's with him is because of his money But which we talk about and could be True But then there's a lot of times where Women are just generally attracted to Older men because of the fact that they Can have no games They don't feel like they have to kind Of Tiptoe around this thing because of the

Fact that the guy is very direct And also the guy has standards for Himself so Because he has standards for himself he Has values for himself that he upholds So that's why he has that emotional Control The woman knows that in his presence she Has to be the best person she can be Because if he's leading in the best life That he can be The best person he can be he's gonna Want something somebody that can simply Contribute To that as well with him i want you to Understand that this Is a powerful powerful thing that you Can embody in just general in life and Within Yourself and as a man i want you to take Advantage of something special and if You want to go deeper with me to really Inherit these traits that i'm talking About And really explore i have something for You It's a free 25 minute video that is Going to help you With all of this i walk you through this Step By step and really how to embrace Attraction and track women into your Life and especially The right women click that link below

And i'll see you in that video As always i love hearing from you press That like button share this video with a Friend And as always i'll see you in the next Video and remember you are always loved Bye for now You

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