4 HERBS that boost testosterone levels & Tips for instant increase

By | January 8, 2020

✑ What herbs are testosterone boosting? How can you benefit and boost your levels? Find out 4 natural herbs with testosterone raising effects in this video and also some quick tips for naturally raising your testosterone.

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Some of the herbs mentioned for their testosterone boosting properties are ashwagandha, horny goat weed, stinging nettle and tongkat ali.

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Testosterone is key a sex hormone, it is plays
a crucial role in muscle growth, fat loss, And optimal health but how can you naturally
boost testosterone, in this video find out 4 key herbs and also some tips to help you naturally boost your testosterone levels,
let's go. If you Google testosterone supplement or testosterone
boosters and you will find 100s of supplement Bottles with big bold writing, either black,
red, green or white claiming to help you boost Testosterone, but one thing that is common
with most of them is that they will each have At least one herb in them. But do these boosters actually work? The answer
is, well, it’s complicated But first to understand how they work we need We need to understand the basics Testosterone is a male sex hormone it's made
in the testes and the adrenal glands. It stimulates Sperm production as well as a man's sex drive.
It also helps build muscle, bone mass, hair Growth and it causes a boy's voice to deepen. So why is it complicated, so for one, what
is the booster actually targeting? There are a few types of testosterone. There
is testosterone in your blood that attaches To 2 proteins, albumin and sex hormone binding
globulin. Most testosterone is bound to sex Hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) protein and
isn’t active or accessible, some testosterone Isnt bound to any to any proteins and thus
is free, this is called free testosterone, Free testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone
(sometimes refered to as Loosely bound testosterone) Are also referred to as bioavailable testosterone.
This is the testosterone that is easily used By your body. These testosterones have a Has a greater impact on your health than your
total testosterone. So with that being said, there are a few ways some of these boosters could work The first is by reducing the levels of SHBG in the blood And once you reduce the amount of SHBG, this could increase the amount of Free testosterone in
your bloodstream. The second way is i discuss in my herbs for hairloss video Or as those who watched my herbs for hair
loss video (click the I) will know that testosterone Is converted to DHT, dihydrotestosterone with
the help of 5α-reductase enzyme, In that Video I spoke about DHT blockers for hair
loss, DHT blockers reduce the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, a side effect of this
could be higher testosterone. And lastly, it could just help the body produce
more but if this isn't specified, does it Really work?

Now we have some background understanding,
I want to give you 5 quick things you can Do right now to boost your t levels. BMI and free testosterone are negatively correlated,
as BMI increases, free testosterone decreases, So try shedding some fat
Do strength training, compound movements like Squats
Research has found that strength-training Workouts may have a bigger effect on testosterone
in the evening. Try training later in the Day
Cutting back on sleep dramatically reduces A healthy man's testosterone levels, make
getting good sleep part of your daily routine Get your nutrients in, ensure you’re not
deficient in zinc, vitamin D and magnesium And lastly, reduce your stress levels, if
you like that list, drop a like! I have a Video on herbs for stress video to learn more. These key things are conclusive to help with
T levels, herbal studies on T can be conclusive In some studies and inconclusive in others
so before you even get To herbs, you need to be doing the basics! Guys, the reason i give background is, i want
everyone to know there is no magic pills, Everything you do works together to either
move you towards or further from your goals. Remember that! Let’s get into the 4 herbs that naturally boost testosterone. The first herb is ashwagandha Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, it should reduce
stress, anxiety, and balance stress hormones. One study tested its benefits on sperm quality
in infertile men, who received 5 grams per Day over a three-month period.
The men in this study had a 10-22% increase In testosterone levels.. One of the reasons
for low T is due to stress, which is one the Points i spoke about earlier, it’s likely
that ashwagandha could help increase testosterone Levels in stressed individuals, possibly by
reducing the stress hormone cortisol. I’ve discussed other benefits of ashwagandha
in other videos too, especially on it’s Potential to help boost performance.
The second herb is a herb called horny goat Weed.
Horny goat weed acts as an aphrodisiac in Both genders. Side note, if you want herbs
for boosting libido or aphrodisiac herbs comment Below.
Horny goat weed got its name because goats Acted a bit more frisky once they consumed
this herb. On a holistic level, there is some Correlation between libido and testosterone,
although this is different for everyone, for Example, some men experience maintain sexual
desire at relatively low testosterone levels, One of the causes of low libido is low T.
So a potential boost in libido can also signal

A potential boost in T, but the only way to
really tell is a blood test. Horny goat weed has been shown in a study
to increase testosterone levels in rats but There isn't yet any studies being conducted
in human and animal studies can’t always Be extrapolated.
For me personally, i’ve been using horny Goat weed for a while, a bit of the powder
in my smoothies I believe is a win, not only For its potential benefits on libido and maybe
T but also it’s benefits on the brain and Heart.
Drop a like for the honry goat weed! The 3rd herb is Stinging nettle
This is a debated herb! I personally have Been using stinging nettle for many of its
other benefits but there is some suggestion That stinging nettle may help with free testosterone.
May latest point on instagram, gives some Insights into the other benefits of stinging
nettle Nettle in one study showed to inhibit the
enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is used to Convert Testosterone to DHT, the conclusion
of the study was that Nettle extract enhances The testosterone levels by arresting its bioconversion
to dihydrotestosterone. Another study suggested Nettle root extract
helps in increasing the levels of testosterone By inhibiting the binding of testosterone
to sex hormone binding globulin that In turn enhances the levels of free testosterone.
As always, do your own research to make your Conclusions or consult an expert before trying
any new herb or supplement, I leave all my Research links in the description The final herb i'll touch on in this video
is tongkat ali This isn't a herb i've used personally but
it will be making a feature in my new herb Haul video once that’s out, so subscribe According to an article published in the Journal
of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Properly standardized Tongkat Ali (TA) stimulates
the release of free testosterone, improves Sex drive, reduces fatigue, and improves well-being.
But studies here are somewhat lacking, it’s Still worth looking into, once I do the herb
haul video, i'll dive more into the depths Of these herbs. To conclude we have spoken about ashwagandha,
horny goat weed, stinging nettle and tongkat Ali, each of these herbs have been shown in
at least one study to have an effect on testosterone. There are many other herbs that have been
mentioned online, such as Tribulis, Yohimbe, Wild oats, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek
or Black Maca Root. So if you want a part 2, make sure you drop a like and subscribe. If you want to learn more about herbs, click
my face and download my herb guide and before You go, check out these 2 videos right here
and right here. See on the next one, peace.

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