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12 Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance in Women.

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the blood, and control how cells and organs do their work inside the body.

Unfortunately these hormones can easily become out of balance when you are feeling stressed, have blood sugar issues, have absorbed too many toxins from the environment or are simply eating the wrong foods.

In this video we will be exploring 12 common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women such as hot flashes, PMS, racing thoughts, hair loss, acne, sugar cravings and many other issues.

You’ll also learn about some simple lifestyle changes that can be used to balance out hormones naturally by healing the glands which control them (endocrine system).


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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Are Hormones?
⏰ 00:17 – Hormonal Imbalance Examples
⏰ 01:27 – 1. Hot Flashes
⏰ 02:00 – 2. Racing Thoughts
⏰ 02:33 – 3. Dry Genitalia
⏰ 02:55 – 4. Sugar Cravings
⏰ 03:41 – 5. Hair Loss & acne
⏰ 04:15 – 6. Irregular Periods
⏰ 04:40 – 7. Breast Tenderness
⏰ 05:04 – 8. Thinning Eyebrows
⏰ 05:43 – 9. Varicose Veins
⏰ 06:12 – 10. Facial Hair
⏰ 06:42 – 11. Skin Tags & Warts
⏰ 07:10 – 12. Frequent Infections
⏰ 08:48 – Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance
⏰ 10:02 – How To Balance Hormones


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Ryan Taylor is a is a self-taught nutritionist from the United Kingdom. After graduating in 2015 and obtaining his degree in Computing Science, he discovered his passion for biology and physiology, and pivoted into the field of nutrition. Since then he has produced over 1000 educational videos covering various topics related to “the science of life”, with the continued intention of both sharing and gaining a greater understanding of the human body.

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12 Common Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance in women. Hormones are chemical messengers that control
how cells and organs do their work in your Body. Many women suffer from a hormonal imbalance
which can cause changes in their bodies Such as PMS,
Anxiety, Aching In The Thighs and Legs
Cravings For Junk Foods Dry Skin
And a great range of other problems Your body actually makes over 50 different
hormones which are released by different glands. This is called the endocrine system. These glands are very sensitive, and can easily
cause you to have too much or too little hormones, If you are exposed to too much stress, junk
foods or toxins from the environment. It’s also very common for medications and
birth control pills to cause hormonal imbalances When you have taken them for years. For this reason, today we will be exploring
12 common signs of hormonal imbalance, so That you can understand what is happening
inside your body. Afterwards we will also explore some simple
yet powerful lifestyle tips that you can use To help balance out your hormones. Just a quick reminder this video is for educational
purposes only, so do speak to your doctor If you have any medical concerns. 1. Hot Flashes If you experience an intense wave of heat/warmth
in your upper body such as your face, neck And chest this is likely a hot flash. This can also cause the skin to redden as
though you are blushing, and your heartbeat May speed up. Hot flashes are caused by a drop in your estrogen
levels, which can affect the thyroid gland And hypothalamus. These are common for women who take birth
control, or are in menopause. 2. Racing Thoughts If you find that you are constantly overthinking
and your mind is overly active, especially At night preventing you from sleeping, This is a very common sign that your adrenal
glands are releasing too much cortisol into Your blood, the main stress hormone.

High cortisol is triggered by mental stress
and overstimulating the body with caffeine, Over-training or exposure to too much blue
light from screens. 3. Vaginal Dryness Another issue that women often face is vaginal
dryness and a loss of libido, especially after Menopause. This may be triggered by having low estrogen,
or even low testosterone levels, As both of these hormones are needed in the
perfect balance to maintain the health of Your sexual organs. 4. Sugar Cravings If you have eaten a meal and then you crave
something sweet, you likely have too much Insulin in the body (insulin resistance). This hormonal imbalance is triggered by eating
too many refined carbohydrates/sugars for Years which makes your cells resistant to
insulin, so your pancreas makes more. Over time this can worsen into type 2 diabetes. Later in the video we will share some tips
on overcoming these hormonal problems. If you're finding this information helpful
please hit the like button, subscribe and Turn all notifications to stay updated with
my latest health and nutrition tips. 5. Hair Loss & Acne If you notice your hair is thinning out from
the centre parting of your head, or you are Losing large clumps on hair in the shower, You likely have high androgen levels or low
estrogen levels. This hormonal imbalance can also cause you
to have oily skin, acne and you may lose collagen In your skin faster as you age. You can balance these hormones by eating more
cruciferous vegetables and healthy fat. 6. Irregular Periods
Your periods should run on a regular cycle. The average is every 28 days, however this
can vary between 21-40 days in different women. If your cycles start to become irregular,
by stopping or starting randomly, this is A classic sign that your estrogen hormone
levels are out of balance. 7. Breast Tenderness
Estrogen dominance is a situation where you

Have too much estrogen in your body, which
can cause your breasts to become swollen or Tender, especially just before a menstrual
cycle (period). This is a classic symptom of hormone imbalance. You may also experience a heavier flow if
you have too much estrogen. 8. Thinning Eyebrows If you start to lose the hair on the outer
parts of your eyebrows, or they are thinning Out this is a classic sign of an underactive
thyroid (hypothyroidism). The thyroid is a gland found in your neck
which controls parts of your metabolism. Low thyroid hormones (T3/T4) can also trigger
feelings of depression, dry skin, constipation And weight gain. An underactive thyroid is usually caused by
a problem in the liver/gallbladder or high Estrogen. These hormones are all linked to each other,
so an imbalance can have a ripple effect throughout The body. 9. Varicose Veins
If you develop blue or purple veins that start To bulge outwards in the legs, you likely
have varicose veins. This is usually a liver problem causing high
estrogen levels, which is causing damage to The tone of your veins. Women who experience this often also have
weight gain around the hips and thighs and May feel a dull aching sensation. 10. Facial Hair Women who begin to develop facial hair may
be suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a condition caused by high levels
of androgen (male) hormones. In this situation, the voice may also become
deeper and you may develop more masculine Features. High androgens are often caused by insulin
resistance and eating too many refined sugars And not enough vegetables. 11. New Skin Tags & Warts New research suggests that if you begin to
grow clusters of new skin tags, this is likely Caused by a buildup of anabolic hormones (estrogen
or insulin).

This causes the cells in your skin to multiply
too quickly, and skin tags can form anywhere On the body, especially the neck, the armpits
and other folds. 12. Frequent Infections Cortisol is a hormone which helps to reduce
inflammation in your lungs and strengthen Your immune system when it's working properly. Low levels of cortisol however (cortisol resistance)
can cause your body to become more prone to Infections from respiratory viruses, making
you catch a cold more than once or twice per Year. If you have a mixture of these signs and symptoms,
and you'd like to know for definite if you Have a hormonal imbalance, there are blood
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company that sells home blood testing kits For female hormones. These test kits are very useful because you
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lifestyle changes that you can make to balance Out your hormones naturally, Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance But first let's take a look at some of the
main triggers for hormonal imbalances in your Body. Refined Foods
By far the most common issue is eating too Much sugar and refined foods, which cause
blood sugars issues that affects your pancreas And other glands causing hormonal changes. Metal Stress
Mental stress and strong emotions can affect Your entire endocrine system and nervous system,
putting them out of balance.

Another issue is simply being overweight. When your fat cells are full, they can produce
more estrogen and inflammation. Deficiencies
Your glands also require certain nutrients To work properly. So if you aren't eating enough nutrient dense
foods, glands like the thyroid can stop producing The right level of hormones. Poor Sleep
Not getting at least 7-8 hour of deep restorative Sleep each night will also affect your melatonin
and brain chemistry which damage the pituitary Gland Toxins
And finally if you have a build-up of toxins In your body from smoking, drinking alcohol,
soy protein isolates, vaping or taking in Too many toxic vegetable oils, these act as
endocrine disruptors, putting your hormones Out of balance. How To Balance Your Hormones 1. Eat foods rich in trace minerals often such
as sea weed, nutritional yeast, kelp, kombu, Shellfish, avocados, pumpkin seeds, brazil
nuts, avocados and walnuts. These foods are rich in essential trace minerals
that support the glands throughout your body Such as iodine, selenium and chromium. 2. Support your liver in balancing out your hormones
by eating bitter organic fruits and vegetables Like lemons, raspberries, broccoli, cabbage,
sauerkraut, arugula, Swiss chard, garlic, Artichoke, radish and lots of raw leafy green
vegetables. 3. Reduce the amount of refined carbohydrates
that you eat like sugar, grains, flour and Wheat. I.e. Bread, biscuits, cakes, cereals, popcorn etc.. Replace them with more nutritious whole foods
like grass fed meats, wild fish, pasture raised Eggs and mixed vegetables. 4. Take a daily supplement that contains 10,000
iu of Vitamin D3 and 100mcg of Vitamin K2 (Mk-7). This dosage helps to lower inflammation in
your glands such as your thyroid, pancreas,

Ovaries etc, so that they can release the
right amount of hormones. 5. Eat all of your food in a strict 6 hour window
each day, and allow your body to rest and Digest the remaining 18 hours. This timed eating method is called intermittent
fasting, and helps to balance out your blood Sugars and allow your glands to heal and recover. 6. Balance your stress hormones by taking long
walks outside in areas with lots of nature And trees. The fresh air, gentle exercise and essential
oils released from treetops will help to turn Off the 'fight/flight' response in your body,
which may be putting your hormones out of Balance. There are also certain vitamins and nutritional
supplements that you can take to help normalize Your hormones. Go ahead and tap on this video on the screen
now to learn more about these. Vitamins To BALANCE HORMONES in Women Thank you so much for watching my video today,
and as always I wish you great health, wealth And happiness.

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