10 Straight Up Facts for Men Starting TRT

By | March 11, 2023

In these video I will summarize the most important Straight Up Facts about TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), so you will learn a ton, in a minimum of time. If you consider starting TRT HRT this is the advice and tips on how to start it safely and for the right reasons.
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*Disclaimer: This video and comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor.

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If you are new to testosterone or Hormone replacement therapy trt HRT you Will probably have tons of questions Before starting You must realize that most of these Questions have already been asked and Answered by many experts on this YouTube Channel as well as on others I once had All these questions myself and back then In 2016 it was really difficult to find Information I could trust and finding a Doctor that could provide me with the Best info and Care on the matter of trt Was not easy for myself as it is the Same for many other men that are now Suffering from low testosterone symptoms And levels in this video I will Summarize the most important straight up Facts about trt so you will learn a ton In a minimum of time One trt is for life no cycling no post Psychotherapy no stopping to restore Natural levels since your natural levels Were insufficient two it is impossible To add testosterone to your own Insufficient levels without suppressing Your own natural production no matter What route of administration the Negative feedback mechanism will bring Down the levels of LH and FSH so your Own production will be completely Replaced by the exogenous testosterone Uabs hence the name Trt-3 there are only two optimal ways of

Delivering exogenous testosterone to Your body Injections and compounded testosterone Cream four the injection frequency has To be high enough most men are good on Two or three injections per week old Protocols were one shot every two or Even every 12 weeks this causes very High peaks and too much highs and lows 5. compounded testosterone cream for Scrotal application is the best way of Administration if you don't want to use Injections the pros are no needles and Very stable levels because you are Administering every morning and every Evening Guns are higher monthly cost and more Work because you have to think about Applying the cream twice every day six Trt benefits timeline it takes six weeks To one year to alleviate all loyalty Symptoms Some of those Low T signs will quickly Get better others take several months Seven regarding adding other supplements Only change one parameter at a time if You don't do this you will never know What change was causing what results Eight testosterone will make it easier For you to build muscle because it will Give you a better drive to train recover Easier from training and improve your Sleep quality in short testosterone will Make it easier for you to transform your

Body 9. testosterone will also make it easier For you to lose fat because when you Build more muscle your metabolic rate Will be higher and you will be burning More calories each and every minute that Is why the combination of trt and Resistance training is such a great way To get healthier fast If you are interested in one of my Workout programs make sure to check out My digital products in the merchandise Store Links in the description of this video Then trt is not the Holy Grail that will End all problems for example many men Keep on complaining from low libido even When their testosterone levels are on Point some symptoms like low libido are Multifactorial and need a deeper Personalized dive into your health Situation if you want to learn more About relationship between libido and The sex hormones make sure to go and Watch this video now Foreign

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