10 Physical Signs of Low Testosterone – The 10 Ripples of Danger

By | April 8, 2023

Dr Thierry Hertoghe discusses 10 low T symptoms in men you haven’t heard of.
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What physical science are you looking For in a patient's with suspected low Testosterone Well for example the hair will be flat Male pattern polish is actually in my Experience due to low testosterone and Excessively dehydro testosterone in Proportion so there's a balance I lost My hair here and there at age 40 I Recovered everything back by changing The balance of my testosterone and Understanding I had low testosterone and High dehydro and I just changed the Balance and it corrected in the year and A half two years it's not in three Months and uh then Um your the hair is also drier in Testosterous and when you look at the Eyes very typically there's no shine in The eyes of a person who's low in Testosterone because there's lack of Ears tears the eyes are dry so that's a Major sign and then the inner Eyebrows here those inner eyebrows are Determined by the testosterone levels so If you have thinner inner eyebrows that Part that is near the nose that's a lack Of testosterone long term long term like A hair stays about four years on on your Scalp or on your eyebrows so you have at Least four years of testosterone Division generally and And then the art of sizes skin can be Drier not enough oil the face can be a

Little less firmer and then those could Be Global muscle loss and the muscles Are replaced by fat so the person gets Fattier with typically abdominal obesity So here on the belly it's it's full and The attitude is also less tonic so there Will be a little bit bowing over the old Man And then you the um there is also a Genital uh atrophy and then for example Um the men have foreskin if there's not Cut off and that foreskin is also a Little bit uh less tonic it looks like It's too much and there's been a Shrinkage of the penis which there is There can even be a certain disease that Man can have is that when they do have An erection they have a curved uh penis So sometimes you cannot even penetrate And that inflammation is very linked to Low testosterone and high estradiol and The prostate can also enlarge so the Prostate hypertrophy and then of course The the feet are flatter and globally The skin is pale And also another aspect is you don't Smell There's a lack of sexual smell So when there's too much testosterone Too much sexual smell well there's the Lack of sexual smell and then pale and Not very attractive very interesting and Then what about the voice The Voice doesn't change so much it

Takes more time uh to change so you Really need to be almost castrized uh Having a a lack of testicles when when You're born so that you don't never have A high pitch voice but once the voice is There it takes much more time than Anything so The voice is is a late sign that can Change Um but you probably need to also to take That also Foreign [Music]

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