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10 foods to shrink an enlarged prostate in men.

The prostate is a small walnut sized gland that sits above the bladder in men. Unfortunately prostate enlargement is a common condition that affects men over the age of 50+ also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

A swollen or enlarged prostate puts pressure on the urethra (urinary tubes) and bladder, causing symptoms such as frequent urination, a constant urge to urinate, dribbling etc…

In this video we will be exploring to top 10 foods to shrink an enlarged prostate naturally including pumpkin seeds, broccoli sprouts, macadamia nuts, extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, oysters & shellfish, sauerkraut, wild salmon, green tea and others.

The natural occurring nutrients in these foods help to block anabolic hormones that are making the prostate grow, which in turn helps the prostate to heal and shrink back down to its normal size.

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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Is Prostate Enlargement
⏰ 00:53 – Symptoms Of BPH
⏰ 02:03 – 1. Pumpkin Seeds
⏰ 02:44 – 2. Broccoli Sprouts
⏰ 03:18 – 3. Macadamia Nuts
⏰ 04:11 – 4. Tomatoes
⏰ 04:57 – 5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
⏰ 05:29 – 6. Raw Coconut Oil
⏰ 05:59 – 7. Oysters & Shellfish
⏰ 06:53 – 8. Sauerkraut
⏰ 07:50 – 9. Wild Salmon
⏰ 08:29 – 10. Green Tea
⏰ 09:37 – How To Shrink Your Prostate


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The top 10 foods to shrink an enlarged prostate. Prostate enlargement (BPH) is a medical condition 
which affects men, especially over the age of 50. As this gland grows larger than its regular size,   It's puts pressure on the bladder causing you 
to have an urgent need to urinate quite often. As you can see, this prostate gland is wrapped 
around the tubes connected to your bladder, And its main job is to produce a fluid 
called semen which helps to nourish   Your sperm and help it to travel 
through the reproductive organs, So that you an impregnate a woman and make a baby. The problem is that as we men age,   Hormonal changes take place and we tend 
to get a build-up of anabolic hormones. This makes the muscle tissue in your prostate grow   Larger and larger which puts pressure 
on the tubes connected to your bladder This causes poor bladder control An urgent need to pee, sometimes with 
only a small amount of urine coming out, You may have a weaker stream or 
urine, which may stop and start Or you may find it difficult to start 
the stream of urinate in the first place. If this condition is left untreated, a 
swollen prostate can lead to prostatitis,   Infections and a higher risk of prostate cancer. Fortunately however, there are many natural ways   To help shrink the prostate 
back down to its normal size, By balancing out anabolic hormones like 
estrogen, insulin, DHT and prolactin. In my previous video we discussed the top   Supplements and vitamins that 
you can use to help with this, However in today's video we will explore 
the top 10 foods that you can eat,   To shrink your prostate back 
down to its normal size, And help to prevent it from growing 
further, by balancing out your hormones. Just a quick reminder this video 
is for educational purposes only,   So do speak to your doctor if 
you have any medical concerns. 1. Pumpkin Seeds (Zinc & Phytosterols) Start consuming a small handful of 
pumpkin seeds at least 3 times per   Week to help shrink your prostate 
back down to its normal size. Organic pumpkin seeds are loaded 
with both Zinc and Phytosterols,   Which help to stop your testosterone from 
being converted into estrogen or DHT,   By inhibiting certain enzymes 
(aromatase & reductase).

This helps to fix the hormonal problem 
that’s making your prostate grow, whilst   Also lowering inflammation in the gland itself 
to prevent frequent problems with your urination. 2. Broccoli Sprouts (Sulforaphane) As the male body ages, more of its testosterone   Is converted into estrogen, especially if 
you are overweight or have a fatty liver. Broccoli sprouts are one of the richest 
sources of sulforaphane in the world,   A compound that’s found abundantly 
in cruciferous vegetables. This helps your liver to filter out excess 
estrogen and balance out your sex hormones,   Thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones to help 
shrink the prostate gland back to its normal size. 3. Macadamia Nuts (Phytosterols) If you often find that you have cravings 
after you eat a meal and tend to snack often,   This can be raising your insulin levels too high. Over years of snacking and eating 
refined foods, the high insulin   Levels can damage your prostate and cause 
it to become swollen, inflamed and enlarged. It's recommended to stop snacking and simply eat a   Small handful of macadamia nuts 
at the very end of your meal. The healthy fats and phytosterols within 
these nuts helps to give you energy,   Reduce your cravings, balance insulin 
and promote a healthy prostate. If you're finding this information helpful 
please hit the like button, subscribe and   Turn all notifications to stay updated 
with my latest health and nutrition tips. 4. Tomatoes (Lycopene)
Studies show that a healthy   Prostate gland contains high concentrations 
of a pigment (carotenoid) called lycopene.   This acts like an antioxidant helping 
the prostate to function properly. Getting more lycopene into your diet 
has been scientifically shown to block   The multiplication of prostate cells, and 
prevent it from becoming enlarged further. Tomatoes are the richest 
natural source of lycopene,   But you can also get it from basil, 
grapefruits, goji berries and asparagus. Cooking tomatoes makes the lycopene 4x more 
bioavailable, so you can absorb it better. 5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oleuropein)
To improve the balance of hormones in   The male body, it's very important that you cut 
out inflammatory vegetable oils like margarine,   Canola, soy, cottonseed, corn, 
sunflower oil and processed olive oil. These all trigger inflammation 
within the prostate gland. Switch these out and start eating extra virgin 
olive oil regularly. This contains oleuropein   Which helps to protect prostate 
cells from becoming cancerous.

6. Raw Coconut Oil (Lauric Acid)
Raw coconut oil is another healthy   Alternative to conventional seed oils. This contains monolaurin, a 
super concentrated version of   Lauric acid which has been shown to block 
prostate enlargement in medical studies. You can cook your food with this 
oil, as it has a high smoke point. It also contains medium chain 
fats which may also inhibit   Certain types of cancer throughout the body. 7. Oysters & Shellfish (Zinc) Due to modern farming methods, many people are 
deficient in certain trace minerals like zinc,   Selenium and iodine which can cause 
hormonal imbalances, especially as we age. Zinc in particular is very important 
for healthy prostate function. Research shows that men who have prostate 
enlargement often suffer with a zinc deficiency. It's recommended for all adults to start eating 
shellfish 1-2 times per week such as oysters,   Crab meat, mussels, clams, 
shrimp and other crustaceans. These are rich in trace minerals like zinc, 
as well as Vitamin B12 and iron which help to   Improve blood flow to the prostate, so that 
it can shrink and return to its usual size. 8. Sauerkraut (Vitamin C & Probiotics) Another issue that commonly occurs as we get 
older, is that our digestive juices become   Weaker, causing problems with absorbing 
minerals like zinc, potassium and iron. If you suffer from acid reflux, indigestion,   Bloating or gas this can indicate that you have 
some type of weakness in your digestive system. Eating probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut,   Kimchi, pickles can help to boost the amount 
of friendly microbes that live inside your gut. These help you to digest 
and absorb more nutrients,   In order to lower inflammation in the 
prostate gland and throughout the body. Sauerkraut is a form of fermented cabbage,   And in addition to its probiotics it's also 
one of the richest sources of Vitamin C,   Which helps to protect against infections 
and cancer in the prostate gland. 9. Wild Salmon (Omega-3s) If you have prostate enlargement 
or an overactive bladder,   It's important to start eating more 
foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Wild salmon is one of the best sources of 
these essential anti-inflammatory fats. Studies show that populations who have 
a high intake of fish in their diet,   Have a much lower incidence of prostate cancer.

I recommend switching out the farmed fish 
and conventional meats, and start to load up   On wild fatty fish like salmon, sardines 
and mackerel to improve overall health. 10. Green Tea (EGCG)
When it comes to drinks,   There is none better than green 
tea for shrinking the prostate,   Improving the health of the bladder 
and protecting the prostate long term. Green tea contains an active ingredient 
called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) This blocks an enzyme (5-alpha reductase) 
from converting your testosterone into DHT,   Therefore stopping the prostate from 
becoming bigger if this is your problem. Other people also have excellent results drinking 
stinging nettle root tea and hibiscus tea. Please note it is very important to cut 
back on coffee, soda and refined fruit   Juices as these are inflammatory and 
can often make prostate problems worse. Let's look at some additional foods also 
help to shrink an enlarged prostate,   That I can't go into detail here 
today due to the scope of this video. You may want to research these in your own time. Blackberries Goji Berries Grapefruit Sesame Seeds Broccoli Turmeric Reishi Mushrooms Brazil Nuts Now that you know all about which foods to eat,   Let's explore 6 lifestyle tips that you 
can use to also help shrink your prostate. Other Ways To Shrink Your Prostate 1. Start consuming a salad every single day 
containing organic cruciferous vegetables   Such as radish, broccoli, arugula, 
kale, collard greens or cabbage. These are rich in phytonutrients that help 
your liver to clean out excess hormones,   And produce more antioxidants that 
help protect and heal your prostate. 2. Start consuming a small handful of 
pumpkin seeds at least 3 times per week,   As these are some of the most potent BPH 
fighting foods that you can eat. The zinc,   Phytosterols and Vitamin E in these work 
synergistically to reduce prostate size. 3. Cut out all inflammatory vegetable oils like 
margarine, soy, canola, cottonseed or corn oils   From your diet entirely and start cooking with 
raw coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

You should also avoid dairy produce like milk and   Cheese as these can aggravate 
an already enlarged prostate. 4. Start performing high intensity 
interval training. Just 10 minutes   Of HIIT 2x per week can dramatically 
improve testosterone levels in men,   Helping to reduce other anabolic 
hormones like DHT, estrogen and insulin. Exercise also helps burn excess sugar in the blood   Which could be contributing to 
inflammation in the prostate. 5. Focus on removing processed 
foods from your diet like sugar,   Breads, cereals, pastries and sweets And replace them with whole foods like 
tomatoes, organic grass fed beef, shellfish,   Wild salmon, avocados and those we 
have talked about in this video. All of these foods contains properties which 
promote a healthy prostate and seminal fluid. 6. Finally if you are overweight in the belly 
region, or you drink alcohol on a daily basis   You may have a fatty liver, which is causing 
hormonal changes and inflammation in the body. If this is the case, follow 
an intermittent fasting plan,   Where you eat all of your daily calories in a 4 
hour window and fast for the remaining 20 hours. Fasting is one of the best tools 
to shrink an enlarged prostate   And also help clean out the liver of excess fat. To learn more about specific vitamins 
and nutrients to shrink your prostate,   Go ahead and tap on this video on the screen now. Thank you so much for watching my video today,   And as always I wish you great 
health, wealth and happiness.

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