1 INSOMNIA Cause You Missed (Caffeine Metabolism Error)

By | June 24, 2021

Insomnia affects millions of people, and many of them (you?) don’t know this important fact about caffeine metabolism and how it can degrade your sleep. Trouble getting to sleep can come from many causes, and this important cause is often overlooked by insomnia sufferers and also their doctors.

Stopping caffeine 6 hours before bedtime is often unhelpful and can lead to sleepless nights and drowsy mornings. Get this one thing right and it will help your sleep.

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caffeine metabolism genes: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep31590
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Over 70 million people in the u.s alone Suffer from Insomnia it's a big deal especially if You're a sufferer Of insomnia like me there's one Box that you may have already checked Off your list of things that might be Contributing to your insomnia That you need to go back and re-examine And that's what this video Is about i'm dr ken berry a family Physician And this one thing and how to change it How to fix it how to understand It might make the difference for your Insomnia As an insomnia sufferer you know that Caffeine can affect your sleep And the question becomes how many hours Before Bedtime should you stop consuming Caffeine So that it doesn't interfere with your Sleep You've probably been told by your health Care provider to stop caffeine about Five or six Hours before you go to bed this is Indeed Standard advice the problem is is that For Many of us this advice is incorrect The american academy of sleep medicine Says that caffeine has a half-life of

Three to five hours In the human body and therefore that's Where the six Hour stop the caffeine before bed that's Where that recommendation Comes from so first of all let's talk About the half-life issue So if you ingest 200 milligrams of Caffeine in a cup of coffee or tea One hour a half-life is The point in time at which there's only A hundred milligrams it doesn't mean the Caffeine is gone in that length of time It just means that your body your liver Has metabolized Half of the caffeine and for the average Young Healthy person and those are key Concepts we'll get back to in a minute It's between three and five hours is the Half-life Of caffeine here's the rub many of us Our half-life of caffeine in our body is Much much longer Than three to five hours and so if You've been stopping caffeine Six hours before bedtime and you're Still having trouble with insomnia You could be one of these people who Doesn't metabolize caffeine Like a young healthy person often does Caffeine acts in your brain as an Adenosine receptor Antagonist now adenosine

In addition to many other things it does In the human body also tends to make you Feel Sleepy and so when you've got caffeine In there mucking up the adenosine Receptor you just don't feel sleepy you Might feel tired you might feel fatigued You might feel exhausted But you can't go to sleep if caffeine is Messing with your adenosine receptors As you might guess there are certain Genes that are in charge of your ability To metabolize or break down caffeine in Your body Some of us metabolize it very quickly And give us a Caffeine half-life of three hours to Five hours Others of us don't metabolize caffeine Nearly that quickly And that's why many of us including me Have to stop caffeine Many many hours before the six hour mark So if you lost the genetic lottery when It comes to caffeine metabolism in your Body You may need to stop caffeine 8 hours 10 Hours even 12 hours before Your scheduled bedtime in order to have The caffeine percentage in your Bloodstream low enough So that you can go to sleep if you have Any degree of liver inflammation Or liver damage then your ability to

Metabolize caffeine May be much much worse than this i've Got Links down in the show notes to all the Research i used to make this video so You can do further reading Should you choose to do so but in one Study there was one patient who was 35 Years old that's pretty darn young But had uh alcoholic liver disease And for that patient his si his Half-life for caffeine was 60 hours so if he drink a cup of coffee It would be three days before the Half-life of the caffeine in his system Would be low enough That he could get to sleep another Patient was a 49 year old woman Who had alcoholic liver disease again Her serum half-life for caffeine was 168 Hours and so if she drank a cough a cup Of coffee this morning She would be able to go to sleep Sometime next thursday So you have to understand it there are Multiple things Deciding how quickly you metabolize Caffeine The the six hour cut off is probably not Enough If you're still suffering from insomnia I Personally if i have one sip of a Caffeinated beverage

Anywhere after the 12 hour cut off Between now and bedtime I'll be laying there counting the Ceiling tiles unable to get to sleep And i don't have any degree of liver Damage so therefore i'm just a poor Metabolizer genetically Of caffeine you may very well be in the Same boat Many people notice that when they stop Caffeine 12 or even 14 hours before bedtime They sleep much deeper and get to sleep Much more Readily so i think it's fine to have Your cup of coffee in the morning unless You have Significant liver disease and then you May just want to have a cup of coffee on Monday morning And then hope to get to sleep by Wednesday if you know A insomnia sufferer sharing this video With them might Really help improve their sleep quality And thus the quality of their life This is dr barry i'll see you next time

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