#1 Food To SHRINK Your PROSTATE (Enlarged Prostate)

By | April 19, 2023

The #1 food to shrink an enlarged prostate.

Prostate enlargement is likely triggered by a build-up of anabolic hormones in the body such as estrogen, insulin, prolactin or DHT. In order to shrink the prostate back down to its normal size, it is very important to help balance out these hormones by eating certain foods.

Pumpkin seeds are undoubtedly the best food to shrink the prostate, by supporting normal hormone balance in the male body. In this video we discuss the important benefits of pumpkin seeds for shrinking the prostate, because of the natural phytonutrients, minerals and healing chemicals that they contain.

You’ll also learn some simple ways to introduce pumpkin seeds into your diet, including a prostate shrinking smoothie that you can make fresh at home.

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Recommended supplements for prostate health:
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🌿 Pumpkin Seed Oil: https://iherb.co/VH9QdE18
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🌿 Vitamin C (Natural): https://iherb.co/VS8xQrC
🌿 Raw Coconut Oil: https://iherb.co/tk6jo1L

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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, What Is Prostate Enlargement
⏰ 01:25 – 1. Zinc
⏰ 02:13 – 2. Magnesium
⏰ 03:19 – 3. Beta-Sitosterol
⏰ 03:53 – 4. Tryptophan & Sleep
⏰ 04:28 – 5. Anti-Estrogenic
⏰ 05:17 – How To Use Pumpkin Seeds
⏰ 06:04 – Prostate Shrinking Smoothie Recipe
⏰ 06:59 – How To Shrink The Prostate, 6 Tips


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The number one food to shrink your Prostate prostate enlargement is a Condition that occurs in men where a Small gland near your bladder grows Bigger than usual this can put pressure On your bladder causing you to have an Urgent need to urinate quite often your Urine stream may stop and start and the Stream may be weaker or you may Accidentally leak urine throughout the Day studies show that this condition is Usually triggered by a buildup of Anabolic hormones in the body like Estrogen insulin prolactin or DHT these Hormones cause the glandular tissue in Your prostate to start multiplying Making it grow bigger and bigger Fortunately for us men there are some Very simple ways to help balance out These hormones and shrink the prostate By eating certain nutrient dense foods Pumpkin seeds in particular are Undoubtedly the number one food to help Shrink the prostate down to its original Size due to the certain nutrients that They contain in this video we'll be Exploring the benefits of pumpkin seeds For male health and explain how they can Help to shrink the prostate along with Some other useful tips and advice just a Quick reminder this video is for Educational purposes only so do speak to Your doctor if you have any medical Concerns

First benefit of pumpkin seeds for men Is that they're rich in zinc when it Comes to shrinking the prostate it's First important to balance out the male Hormones to prevent it from growing any Bigger pumpkin seeds are one of the best Plant-based sources of zinc this is a Mineral which has been shown to block an Enzyme in your body called five Alpha Reductase basically this helps to Prevent your testosterone from being Converted into too much DHT a hormone That's been shown to trigger prostate Enlargement zinc also supports the Production of healthy seminal fluid in The prostate itself for male fertility When your hormones start to balance out The prostate usually begins healing and Shrinking back down to its original size The second benefit of pumpkin seeds is That they're rich in magnesium what you Need to know is the prostate is part Gland tissue and part muscle tissue Muscle tissue in particular requires Magnesium to help it relax and contract Properly pumpkin seeds happen to be one Of the richest natural sources of Magnesium which help to normalize the Relaxation and contraction of the Muscles within and surrounding your Prostate so that you can urinate Normally magnesium can also be obtained By eating any leafy green vegetable as It's found in its ionic form at the

Central core of chlorophyll that's the Pigment that makes all plants green so When you're shrinking your prostate it's Recommended to eat a good mixture of Leafy greens and Brassica vegetables as These also contain a range of Phytonutrients that can help the gland To recover the third benefit is the beta Cytosterol another excellent property of The pumpkin seeds is that they help to Improve the flow of urine and decrease The amount of urine stored in the Bladder this is owed to the beta Cytosterone within the seeds this is a Type of healthy plant cholesterol that Can help human bodies to regulate their Own cholesterol which in turn helps to Balance sex hormones like testosterone And estrogen which may have been causing The prostate enlargement in the first Place if if you're finding this Information helpful at all please hit The like button subscribe and turn all Notifications on to stay updated with my Latest health and nutrition tips Coming back now to number four which is Tryptophan and sleep in addition to the Nutrients that we've already talked About pumpkin seeds also contain lots of The amino acid called tryptophan your Body needs this tryptophan as raw Material to build serotonin and Melatonin brain chemicals that make you Feel good and help you to sleep better

At night this mood improving and Sleeping proving effect helps your body To balance out its hormones lowers Stress reduces inflammation and overall Improves prostate function and finally We have anti-estrogenic benefits in Number five as I previously mentioned Pumpkin seeds contain an unusually high Level of zinc for a seed this is Excellent because in addition to Preventing a buildup of DHT in the body Zinc can also prevent your body from Converting too much testosterone into Estrogen by blocking another enzyme Called Too much estrogen in the body can weaken The blood vessels connected to the Prostate and the bladder and it can also Lead to erectile dysfunction anxiety or Depression so it's very important to get This under control getting regular Physical activity and exercise can also Help to keep testosterone and estrogen Levels balanced within the male body So to help shrink your prostate back Down here's a few ways you can Incorporate pumpkin seeds into your Daily routine one of the most simple Ways is to Simply purchase some organic Dried pumpkin seeds from the health food Store and eat a small handful or one Ounce per day with your first meal of The day the alpha linolenic acid within The seeds is a healthy fat which will

Also help to lower your appetite so that You can go longer between meals without Snacking if you prefer you could Purchase cold pressed pumpkin seed oil And take up to two thousand milligrams Per day in a capsule this has helped Many men in improving urine flow and Reducing inflammation in the prostate Gland itself or you can use the prostate Shrinking pumpkin pie smoothie for this Recipe you will need one quarter of a Cup of pumpkin seeds one dash of pumpkin Pie spice mix one quarter of a cup of Blueberries which is optional and 2 cups Of unsweetened almond milk add these Ingredients to a high powered blender Process and then drink this once per day The phytonutrients from the seeds will Lose their quality when stored so be Sure to make this fresh every single day And don't store it you can also add a Little Stevia to sweeten the drink if You wish and also a little raw coconut Oil as coconut oil has also been shown To help reduce the overall size of the Prostate gland note please use organic Ingredients here as regular GMO crops Can interfere with the hormone balance In men other tips to shrink and enlarge Prostate in addition to using pumpkin Seeds it's also recommended to improve Your diet and lifestyle the following Tips can help to bring your hormones Back into balance to reduce inflammation

In your prostate and allow it to shrink And heal 1. stop snacking frequently Throughout the day and eat two solid Meals every time a calorie passes your Lips your body pumps out insulin this is An anabolic hormone that's often causing Prostate enlargement in men when it gets Out of balance 2. help your liver to Detoxify harmful chemicals from your Body that may be putting your hormones Out of balance you can do this by Drinking at least one liter of mineral Water per day with a squeeze of fresh Lemon juice or lime and a quarter Teaspoon of sea salt this drink will Hydrate you keep your blood flowing and Help your liver in balancing out Hormones three focus on removing Processed foods from your diet like Sugar bread cereals and pastries instead You want to load up on foods that have Been proven to shrink the prostate like Cooked Tomatoes broccoli Sprouts Macadamia nuts extra virgin olive oil Avocados green tea oysters shellfish Sauerkraut and wild fish like salmon Sardines and mackerel four improve your Testosterone levels by performing high Intensity interval training just 10 Minutes of hit twice per week can Dramatically improve hormone balance Helping to reduce other anabolic Hormones like DHT estrogen and Insulin 5. this one's important cut out Dairy

Foods entirely including milk cheese and Yogurt for two weeks and notice if your Urination has improved unfortunately Milk products contain anabolic hormones Like prolactin which can often make an Enlarged prostate worse and six finally You make an consider using other Vitamins and supplements to speed up the Process and help your prostate to Recover and Shrink some great options Include zinc chelate green tea capsules And acerola Cherry powder please Remember however that supplements are no Magic pill they are there to help boost Your progress but changing your Lifestyle and cutting out junk and Toxins are foremost the most important Steps to take when it comes to Healing Your prostate with that being said if You would like to learn more about the Top 6 vitamins and nutritional Supplements that can help to shrink your Prostate back down go ahead and tap on This video on the screen now thank you So much for watching this video today And as always I wish you great health Wealth and happiness

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